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The Top 11 Myths About Employee Surveys

1.We already know what our employees will say You may feel strongly that you already have your finger on the pulse of your staff, so there is no point in surveying them. Well, we don’t mean to startle you, but your perception may not be accurate. Employees can feel...

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The Importance of Acting on Survey Data

Two schools of thought seem to be bandying about in the HR field these days. On the one hand, there are those who forecast a mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce. The predicted result is a huge talent gap.  A fiercely competitive talent market. Employees can...

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What is the TalentMap Engagement Questionnaire Based On?

In 1999, Sean Fitzpatrick (founder of TalentMap) and Dr. Tom Foard collaborated to develop the original TalentMap employee satisfaction survey. The TalentMap survey was based on a review of the best practices of other organizations and through active participation in...

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