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54.4% of healthcare providers demonstrate signs of burnout

The healthcare sector is a prestigious industry with top-tier professionals there to support and treat our communities. In the face of an aging population, technological advancements, and in order to provide world-class attention to patients, it’s essential to recognize the need for an engaged and supported workforce.

“Being able to isolate the key drivers of engagement for employees, volunteers, and physicians, and to compare these to healthcare industry norms, allowed us to identify our areas of greatest strength and areas of opportunity that will enable us to continue to attract, retain and develop our human capital and let us know where we can improve cultural attitudes and levels of employee morale.” 

Lori Macbeth
Manager, Employee & Org Development

Employee engagement in healthcare

save money


Increased employee engagement improves productivity, communication, and enhances discretionary effort

Bottom Line

Engagement saves money, time, and risk. While also leading to fewer safety incidents, greater attendance, increased productivity, and top talent

Top Talent

Acquiring and retaining top talent requires an engaged workforce. One that is balanced, happy, and productive

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