Our Surveys

Instil confidence in your response rate and results with scientifically valid and confidential survey design.


The right questionnaires (surveys) asked in the right way matters. Our questionnaires have proven validity, reliability, and guarantee confidentiality

Learn how TalentMap’s questionnaire design and psychometric properties for validity and reliability can boost your business performance

workplace culture


Measure and benchmark corporate culture to help leadership understand where they stand and which aspects of culture need to change to drive short and long-term performance.

engagement survey


Promote employee engagement and inspire a great employee experience. Empower leaders, managers and human resources teams with the right measures and underlying factors that drive engagement.

pulse survey


Listen to the pulse of your employees and attain real-time feedback on the health of your organization with this quick and easy solution, providing leaders with the insights to respond to issues before they escalate.

Diversity, Inclusion, and Mental Health

Provide leaders with insightful tools to integrate more effective policies and procedures that represent each of their employees.

onboarding and exit

Onboarding & Exit

Attract and retain top talent by capturing what newcomers value most, and create an employee-centric culture they’ll want to stay a part of. Understand the reason why employees leave, where they are going and if there are any measures could have taken to keep them.

Health & Safety


Signal your commitment to physical and psychological safety by collecting unfiltered attitudes and perceptions about the challenges and opportunities needed to improve.

Survey design reigns supreme

There is no shortage of online questionnaires to choose from. As easy as it may be to find and launch a survey, most lack validity, reliability and are poorly designed. Poor design leads to bad information, the wrong conclusion and misguided management action and follow-up up leading to no improvement and a wasted investment.

All TalentMap questionnaires are expertly designed with validity and reliability built-in. Our system guarantees confidentiality. These factors matter because TalentMap clients get the information they can trust to guide management action and follow-up that will lead to better business results.

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