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Drive better business outcomes with our consulting and advisory team that can align your executives, managers, and HR leaders towards long-term success

consulting and advisory

Program management and oversight

executive alignment

CEO and executive alignment

survey design

Questionnaire design and communication

presentations workshops and training

Executive, manager, staff and board presentations

continuous improvement

Continuous improvement checkins

Central Park Conservancy

"Going through an engagement survey was well worth the time and effort. The employee feedback we received was thoughtful and enough to propel us forward onto a path of cultural change that could not have been achieved without TalentMap’s expertise in measuring engagement and developing action plans to engage staff."

Shiela Kendall
VP, Human Resources

CEO and executive alignment

  • Enhance understanding & buy-in among the executive and leadership team

  • Align program outcomes with strategic business objectives - 'beginning with the end in mind' 

  • Define clear roles, responsibilities, and expectations for the CEO and executives

Questionnaire design and communication

  • On-demand access to your consultant to help align survey needs with business goals 

  • Proactive recommendations on how to link survey results to key business metrics 

  • Ongoing communication for managers, staff, union leaders, and boards to build credibility 

Executive, manager, staff & board presentations

  • Connect the dots to build deep insight and understanding at all levels within the organization 

  • Educational and interactive, designed to act as a catalyst for discussion & dialogue, bringing data to life 

  • Detailed recommendations and next steps outlining a clear course of action over the next 30, 60, and 90 days 

Continuous improvement checkins

  • Quarterly checkins with CEO, executives, and key stakeholders to ensure action plans stay on track

  • Identify and discuss ways to overcome existing roadblocks and potential obstacles

  • Advise on steps to improve overall program measurement and management strategy

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