Tech-Focused Tactics Organizations Can Use to Engage Their Workforce

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The value of engaged employees is undeniable. In fact, an Engage for Success study found that organizations with engagement levels of 65% or higher had shareholder returns of 22% higher than average, and show a 40% decrease in turnover rates compared to organizations with lower levels of engagement. Also, the study shows that engaged employees are 18% more productive, and demonstrate more innovative work behaviour. In order to reap these benefits, company leaders want to be sure their employees are motivated to give their best efforts on a regular basis and nothing is getting in the way of them accomplishing what they need to, including their own sense of commitment to their role.

Although some companies feel hesitant to issue their staff with new tech gadgets, like mobile phones, smart devices, and tablets, in fear that these tools will hinder productivity and engagement to day-to-day tasks, the opposite is often the case. The many technologies becoming available today can actually help to improve communications, encourage team collaboration, and motivate your workforce—all of which have a significant impact on employee engagement. 

Here are three ways in which your organization can use technology to engage your workforce:

Use Gamification

We’ve all heard about the benefits of a bit of healthy competition at work—it’s been said to bring out creativity, innovation, and even team camaraderie. What if you could use the same line of thinking to also engage your workforce? Enter gamification, a growing trend in many work environments that often uses digital elements and rewards to motivate employees. In departments where goals and objectives are easily measured, like sales or manufacturing, gamification works seamlessly. Today, there are a number of gamification platforms that make this strategy simple to deploy for managers.

People have a natural desire to compete, and if there’s a fun, measurable way of doing so, you’ll notice employees joking and comparing with one another. Gamification injects an element of fun into even the most mundane of your workforce’s day-to-day responsibilities, making them more motivated and dedicated to your organization’s overall goals. 

Migrate to the Cloud

Many organizations have already considered moving to the cloud, but what they may not have considered is the positive impact this migration can have on employee engagement. Cloud-based tools offer a number of advantages for today’s workforce, particularly because of their flexibility. Because the cloud operates through the Internet, it allows users to access data anywhere they can find an Internet connection. Using cloud-based business applications has made it easier for today’s professionals to share documents and access company information, whether they’re working remotely, in the office, or on the go. 

In turn, this simultaneously creates a collaborative culture and breaks down information silos. Cloud solutions that can integrate across all lines of business, from finance, to supply chain, to human resources can help to create an aligned and engaged team that works toward the completion of one common goal. On the other hand, offerings that are at various stages of cloud readiness, like those from Infor or Workday, may instead make it more difficult to connect departments, as their applications don’t work as a cohesive suite. 

Survey Your Workforce

One of the easiest ways to gauge engagement within your workforce is by simply asking them. By using an engagement survey platform, your organization can solicit feedback from your workforce for dimensions including immediate management, work-life balance, organizational vision, and even work environment. This provides your organization with a current snapshot of how your workforce views your organization and the direct factors that influence their state of engagement. 

After polling this information, organizations can better understand the strengths and weaknesses that are either driving or diminishing engagement within the company. Using this data to your benefit allows relevant leaders to make any necessary changes to company culture that can improve engagement and, inevitably, business goals.   

Employee engagement can make or break the success of your business. But by incorporating technology into your employee engagement strategy, you can keep your workforce excited, motivated, and dedicated to the goals of your organization. 

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