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17% of public sector workers are actively disengaged

Government departments are under constant pressure to perform more with staff. So, employee engagement in this sector is lower than in the private sector. One proven response to this challenge is to improve the level of the workforce. Not only will work improve, but it can also help elevate public opinion about government.

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"We got better feedback and better information than past experiences and the report was written in a language that makes sense and can be used by people. The simplicity behind everything TalentMap provides is great. I'm really proud of the work that's been done." 

Cathleen Peter-Swart
HR Director

Employee engagement in the public sector

senior leaders


Increased employee engagement improves productivity, creativity, and enhances discretionary effort

Constituent Satisfaction

Engaged employees provide their best effort through pride and recognition. Employees make a difference when serving with integrity


A better engaged workplace stimulates a happier and healthier staff, reducing sick leave and absenteeism

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