Increase employee productivity, retention, and discretionary effort to drive better business outcomes.​


Per employee cost of turnover based on out of pocket hiring and lost productivity​


Of employees who say they are actively looking for or thinking of accepting a job with another employer in the next 12 months

4 out of 5

Employees choose to leave their job because of leadership​

Why measure employee engagement?

Reduce absenteeism by creating a healthier and happier work environment

Strengthen internal confidence, unity, and loyalty across the organization

Increase employee productivity, innovation, and top-talent retention

Cut costs and promote profitability for your organization

"Being able to isolate the drivers of engagement and to compare these to historical results and industry norms allowed us to focus in on those areas (a) requiring the greatest change and (b) offering the greatest return on effort." 

Jay A. Forbes
President and CEO

Increase productivity by boosting engagement

TalentMap makes it easy to collect and understand your employee engagement data so that you can take action and drive productivity.

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scientifically tested questions

Scientifically tested questions for validity and reliability​


Full benchmark data comparisons​

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