Action Planning​

Create and share plans with leaders and managers from our action library to follow through on your survey results. ​

action planning software

Why conduct action plans?

Clarify organization and departmental objectives

Create ownership, timelines, and accountability

Show employees that their voice is being heard​

Track progress with clear steps towards goals​

captial power

"All involved, with the full support of the executive team, leadership, and HR made commitments and stuck to them with visible changes taking place. This improved the confidence of employees in leadership and the direction of Capital Power as a whole." 

Angela Bourbonnais
Senior Manager - Talent Management

Accomplish goals based on meaningful measurement

Our software provides recommended actions based on the key drivers that actually affect culture and engagement. ​

Our platform includes​

key driver

Recommendations based on key driver analysis​

subject matter expert

Insights and guidance from a subject matter expert​

content library

Library that is specific to each engagement dimension​

role based login

Role based login to access relevant information​

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