Why TalentMap?

There's no shortage of solutions, so why TalentMap? We go well beyond software to direct your organization towards better business outcomes. ​

our customers
executive alignment

CEO and executive alignment

continuous improvement

Continuous improvement programs

action planning

Focus on action, results, and follow up

How we drive better business outcomes

We believe the best way to help our clients is through our unique high-touch ‘hybrid’ approach. Our solution includes:

  • Onsite pre-survey executive alignment and stakeholder sessions

  • Post survey results presentations, and most importantly;

  • Systematic quarterly coaching and advisory work to empower your leaders

We meet onsite to truly understand the nuance and dynamics of your unique workplace culture.

Our clients see measurable improvements in organizational results


Higher employee productivity​

senior leaders

Increased discretionary effort​

health and well being

Better employee health and wellbeing​

lower turnover

Lower employee turnover​

Effective analysis and action planning

Broad expertise in people science and industry-specific knowledge are at the core of effective analysis and action planning.

TalentMap’s consultants are passionate about shaping a better place to work for both employees and employers. They contextualize the results and deliver valuable interpretations to drive real organizational change.

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