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It is forecasted that student population growth will rise 19% between 2017 and 2026

Academic institutions are shifting their focus towards employee engagement, recruitment, and retention. Our surveys and comprehensive services provide the insights and expertise you need to help your organization overcome the obstacles currently flooding the academic landscape.

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“If I was to tell someone else that was looking at this as an option, I’d say really lean on TalentMap. It’s not just the survey, the survey’s just the start. To understand what results are telling you is something else. I had numerous conversations with TalentMap’s people, as did our CEO. They became a partner in our success.

Jessie Drew
VP of People & Institutional Strategy

Employee engagement in education



A more engaged workplace stimulates a happier and healthier staff, reducing sick leave and absenteeism

Top Talent

Acquiring and retaining top talent requires engaged staff. One that is happy and productive, with opportunities for advancement


Increased employee engagement improves productivity, creativity, and enhances discretionary effort

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