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Organizations with the highest employee engagement scores saw a 70% drop in safety incidents compared to those with low engagement levels

Employee engagement is vital to employee safety, particularly within the utilities sector. The current state of the labor market and industry structure are also inviting leaders to establish and measure the right initiatives in order to thrive.

captial power

“All involved, with the full support of the executive team, leadership, and HR made commitments and stuck to them with visible changes taking place. This improved the confidence of employees in leadership and the direction of Capital Power as a whole.” ​

Angela Bourbonnais
Senior Manager - Talent Management

Employee engagement in utilities

Health & Safety
save money


Increased employee engagement improves productivity, creativity, and enhances discretionary effort in the energy sector


Employee perceptions along with employee feedback will account for an overall safer workplace for utility workers

Bottom Line

Engagement saves money, time, and risk. While also leading to improved work/life balance, greater attendance, increased productivity, and top talent

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