Call us crazy, but we have a love for surveys and an understanding about people.

Why do we emphasize ‘US’? 

‘US’ represents the essential nucleus – your employees. Since 1999, TalentMap has been known to be thought-leaders’ of the industry.

TalentMap is designed to help organizations encourage employee engagement: a culture that motivates, empowers, challenges and rewards employees and businesses.


There is a common misconception that employees are an organization’s most important asset. Yes, they do the work, bring ideas, and make things happen. But in reality, this is only true when employees seek commitment.

If not, they are either adding minimal value, or working against the organization. In fact, in a Gallup statistic, 85 percent of employees at work (8 out of 10) are not engaged, productive, happy or efficient as they could be. This has a huge detriment on the outcome of business.

The good news is that we can turn that around. 


With 20 years of experience and offices in the US and Canada, TalentMap has conducted more than 11,000 surveys to over 14 million people. We are one of the most renowned service and software providers of employee surveys. Our large selection of full-service and customized employee survey solutions is flexible, easy-to-use, comprehensive and precise.

What makes us different is that, not only do we offer effective software solutions, we can coach and advise your managers to get the best results out of the experience.

At TalentMap, we’ll show you how things can improve.

10 Reasons Why Companies Don’t Use Employee Engagement

  1. They think they don’t have a problem and don’t need to change anything.
  2. They don’t really care about their workforce’s well-being.
  3. They have other priorities.
  4. They don’t understand its importance.
  5. They think it takes too much time.
  6. They think it’s too expensive.
  7. They are top-down organizations.
  8. They think it’s too hard.
  9. They don’t know what to do.
  10. They’ve never heard of it.

These are common misinterpretations that TalentMap would like to rectify.

Discover How Your People Can Drive Your Success

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