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We help build better organizations by supporting leaders to enhance employee performance, productivity, and retention.

20 plus years experience

20+ years experience

millions of people surveyed

Over 14 million people surveyed

Thousands of surveys projects

Over 11 thousand surveys deployed


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"TalentMap’s purpose is to help improve the practice of management and, in so doing, make employees’ lives better, allow them to be more productive and make organizations much more profitable."

Sean Fitzpatrick
President and CEO

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Our story began in 1999 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Through a unique blend of performance coaching, management consulting experience, and survey technology, TalentMap was founded to help organizations promote employee engagement: a culture that motivates, empowers, challenges, and rewards employees. Through a statistically proven methodology, we power organizational improvements via tools and insights to help our partners achieve remarkable business results.

Yes, we do surveys, but we recognize that surveys are only a means to a greater end. Powering meaningful change requires valuable, practical insights to fuel necessary action.

Insight and action - that’s what we have set out to do since the beginning. Our comprehensive solution along with our team of experts provides managers, leaders and executives with contextual data - by industry or company size, for example. TalentMap’s selection of full-service and customized features and support are flexible, easy-to-use, and precise.

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