TalentMap transforms organizations from the inside out to inspire employee engagement and promote a culture that drives superior business results.

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Inspiring Employee Engagement

Our surveys provide data-backed insights to help drive real organizational change. Our solution along with our dedicated team of experts provide customized action plans to fit your needs, and create a better place to work. 


Increase in productivity


Decrease in employee turnover


Overall boost in profitability

World Class Survey Support Services

We provide award-winning project support and unparalleled employee survey expertise

Powerful & Easy to Use Survey Software

Configurable and flexible software to deploy surveys, analyze results and create action plans

Comprehensive Industry Benchmarks

TalentMap has the largest set of normative data on company culture and engagement

TalentMap’s Proven 7-Step Process

We go the extra mile to fuel successful outcomes through our proven 7-step process

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve been impressed by both TalentMap’s scientific and people-focused approach to employee engagement. It has made it easy for us to connect issues and prioritize the actions we’ll take for ongoing improvement.  

Marty Fisher, HR Director

City of Kent, Washington

We really like that TalentMap offers a flexible service. The platform is easy to use, the data is great, and we have access to outstanding support.  We have the ability to pick up the phone and speak directly to an expert. 

Kathy Labrecque, VP of HR

MD Financial Management

I’m not necessarily a survey expert and really didn’t have the time to spend analyzing the data. It was incredibly valuable to have a TalentMap expert come in and explain the results to our senior team.  

Cindy Grant, VP of HR

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How to Align Corporate Culture With Your Business Goals

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Do You Know What Your Workplace Culture Is?

Do You Know What Your Workplace Culture Is?

If you’re asking this question, the chances are that you probably don’t. Organizations with a defined workplace culture usually know it because everyone in the organization lives it. They’re steered by it, in everything they do. It’s important to understand that just...

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Can You Measure Corporate Culture?

Can You Measure Corporate Culture?

The quick answer is yes. But to measure corporate culture, you must define it. When people hear the word, “culture” they might think of how people in other countries do things differently. Or they might imagine a room full of “cultured” upper class people dressed in...

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