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What Makes Us Different?

We believe surveys are valuable, but measurement alone is not enough. We go beyond survey software to help executives, managers, and employees act on their results.

How We Do It

Creating an intentional culture that fosters engagement doesn’t just happen with a survey – it takes hard work. We help drive lasting change by:

Building strong, long-term relationships with clients and organizations

Implementing our proven 7-step process using best-in-class survey software

Generating unique insights and actionable recommendations backed by science

Ensuring actions are carried out, improvements are tracked, and better outcomes are achieved

World Class Survey Support Services

Award-winning project support services and unparalleled employee survey expertise

Powerful & Easy to Use Survey Software

Configurable and flexible software to deploy surveys, manage communication, analyze results

Comprehensive Industry Benchmarks

TalentMap has the largest set of normative data on company culture and retention in markets

TalentMap’s Dedication to Confidentiality

TalentMap is affiliated with the Council of American Survey Research Organizations

Why TalentMap?


With 20 years of experience conducting more than 11,000 surveys to over 14 million people, TalentMap is one of the most renowned service and software providers of employee surveys and action planning. We offer a large selection of full-service and customized employee survey solutions, and partner with organizations across North America to provide complete personal and professional advice, guidance, and support.


What our customers have to say

Our 7-Step Process

We’re not just another engagement software company. This is what differentiates us.

Prepare for Action

Develop Your Questionnaire

Pre-Survey Communication

Deploying Your Survey

Executive Report & Analysis

Communicate Results

Training & Action Planning


What is Employee Engagement?

Employee Engagement describes the way employees demonstrate commitment, ownership, and discretionary effort toward their work, team, and organization. How people feel about their jobs, working conditions, management, compensation, and a host of other factors determines how well an organization performs.

Engaged employees are loyal and psychologically committed to the organization. They are far more likely to deliver above-average performance. In addition, engaged employees are more likely to stay with the organization, be more productive, customer focused, resilient, innovative, and be star performers.

Employees who are not engaged may be productive, but they are not psychologically connected to their company. They are less inclined to give the best of themselves to the organization. They are more likely to miss work days and more likely to leave. Employees who are actively disengaged are psychologically absent, are unhappy with their work situation and insist on sharing that unhappiness with their colleagu

Is the survey confidential?

Yes! TalentMap, is an expert in employee surveys. All responses are collected confidentially. TalentMap will not share individual responses at any time with anyone within the organization. Only aggregate (combined) responses will be provided. This is done within the guidelines of CASRO, the North American Organization that sets the Code of Standards and Ethics for Survey Research.

All of the survey data is collected outside of our company via a secure internet connection (SSL) and remains confidential.

The information that we collect goes directly to TalentMap’s secure servers. To ensure anonymity, TalentMap promises that at no time during or after the survey will individual responses be divulged to anyone at your organization; only aggregate results (total responses) will be provided. Managers will not be able to determine ‘who said what’.

What makes TalentMap different?

We create an Employee Engagement roadmap designed specifically for your organization. We clearly outline your priorities for developing an effective range of employee programs and practices — from leadership development to performance management and rewards, to communication and workplace management.

Anonymous and confidential feedback from your workforce, a handful of employee focus groups and our knowledge and experience of your industry’s best practices provides the underpinning for our recommendations that are guaranteed to drive your employee engagement efforts forward.

Why Measure Employee Engagement?

Measuring employee engagement with an effective, proven measurement tool will provide your organization with a snapshot of the current landscape. It will identify areas of strength, weakness, and what the specific drivers of engagement are for your organization. In addition, when surveying with TalentMap, our clients received Benchmark data of comparable organizations so that you not only get an idea of how your organization is performing, you get a sense of how it is doing compared to others of a similar nature which will help provide context and focus.

High engagement levels help to increase an employee’s odds of success. Teams that get engagement right improve their odds of having higher performance on the important outcomes organizations care about most. When comparing top-performing teams against bottom-performing teams in Gallup’s database, the average differences were:
* 10% higher customer ratings
* 22% greater profitability
* 21% greater productivity
* 25% less turnover (high-turnover organizations)
* 65% less turnover (low-turnover organizations)
* 48% fewer safety incidents
* 28% less shrinkage (theft by employees)
* 37% less absenteeism
* 41% fewer patient safety incidents
* 41% fewer quality defects

The statistics show that the greater the percentage of engaged employees and teams in your organization, the more likely it is to meet – and potentially exceed – its business goals.

What Industries do you have Benchmark Data for?

All companies that survey with TalentMap become part of our benchmark data. TalentMap has measured engagement for thousands of organizations across many vertical markets. Our most commonly surveyed markets include:

* Financial Services
* Energy Sector
* Government
* Hi-Tech
* Not-for-Profit
* Professional Services
* Healthcare
* Educational Institutions

For the most part, we recommend clients benchmark according to the size of the organization, as we have found that organizations of similar size tend to behave the same ways and have the same challenges. Some exceptions include not-for-profit, public organizations and healthcare.

TalentMap’s benchmarks are updated every 12-18 months.

What Is Key Driver Analysis?

Key Driver Analysis is a powerful way to derive business value from your employee survey data. It helps you target improvement efforts to get the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ by identifying the key leverage points for improving the engagement at your organization.

How does it work?: A Key Driver Analysis uses a statistical technique known as multiple regression to identify patterns in the responses of employees. By using multiple regression, it is possible to identify which questions have the strongest and most meaningful association with your employee engagement score.

When you prioritize your intervention efforts based on the results of statistical analysis, the results are far superior to simply basing intervention efforts on the lowest scoring items in a survey. Typically the lowest scoring items (like compensation) have a very weak connection with employee engagement, and thus even large investments to improve these low scoring items do not result in large improvements in engagement.

“Key driver analysis is a powerful way to derive business values from your employee survey data.”

— Sean Fitzpatrick, President TalentMap

How does TalentMap determine key drivers for my company?

TalentMap has a scientific method for identifying key drivers of engagement for your specific organization. Our methodology takes into consideration the size of your organization, regression analysis, comparison data and overall performance scores.

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