Get insights into employee opinions with short pulse surveys and measure pressing issues to take action in a timely manner. ​

pulse surveys


of highly engaged employees are less likely to leave their organization

1 in 3

employees quit their job due to boredom


of employees feel more engaged when they're being asked for feedback

Why measure the pulse of your organization?

Understand the health of your organization in between annual surveys

Implement incremental change rather than complete overhauls

Align survey questions with key areas around action plans

Promote open communication, transparency, and feedback

"TalentMap isolated the key drivers and compared them to our historical data and industry norms. This allowed us to focus on those areas that require the greatest change and provide for the highest return on investment" 

Kathy Allen
SVP, Human Resources

Strengthen your culture with regular employee feedback

TalentMap makes it easy to collect and understand the pulse of your organization so that you can take action and drive productivity.

Our pulse surveys​

scientifically tested questions

Scientifically tested questions for validity and reliability​


Full benchmark data comparisons​

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Unparalleled reporting features and capabilities​

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Fully supported with questionnaire library and templates​

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