Onboarding & Exit

Understanding the employee onboarding and exit experience allows you to adjust your efforts towards a happier and healthier workplace.

onboarding and exit


of a new hires salary is the cost to replace them

6 out of 10

managers have had an employee leave during probation due to poor onboarding


of the reasons employees leave could have been prevented

Why measure employee onboarding and exit?

Gain insight into the overall perception of the organization

Maximize recruiting investment by retaining top talent

Help managers to improve collaboration, motivation, and overall effectiveness

Reveal honest feedback and recommendations for improvement and change

"The survey results are yielding insights into our onboarding processes so that we can ensure that employees are transitioned in the city as smoothly and quickly as possible." 

Joan Wiens
Manager, HR Systems and Research

Capture robust data to enhance employee experience

TalentMap helps you measure the experience for new and exiting employees while helping leaders improve the employee engagement lifecycle.

Our employees experience surveys

scientifically tested questions

Scientifically tested questions for validity and reliability​


Simple DIY tools for survey customization

online reporting

Unparalleled reporting features and capabilities​

data visualization

Manager login to view departmental results​

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