Wrestling Unproductive Meetings to the Ground with Employee Feedback Surveys

unproductive virtual meetings

Are meetings really a waste of time? Not all of them. Not all the time. Yet we’ve all been there, done that. It hurts just to think about the endless hours we spend in webinars or on conference calls or wriggling in uncomfortable boardroom chairs listening to voices drone on and on, seemingly just for […]

Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

woman working on her laptop in a living room

Confessions of a Digital Nomad She’s a millennial. Part of a 40-person technology team. Like her engineer colleagues who work from different geographic locations across North America, she’s one of many remote employees. A member of a global nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas. Most of us know her employer as TED Talks. Twice a year, […]

Get Prepared For The Generation Z Workforce: Facts, Predictions, and Implications

It’s early days for Generation Z (also known as iGen or Post-Millennials) in the workplace. Researchers and writers paint their own pictures of this post-millennial population with different characteristics. Some say they’re confident, entrepreneurial. Others say not so much. So What Do We Know About The Generation Z Workforce And How Can HR Professionals Prepare? […]

Exit Interview Questions

Adios. Farewell. The Goodwill and Good Management of Exit Interviews What makes employees leave one job for another? Better compensation is an enticing carrot to be sure. Career advancement. Yup. No doubt. Getting away from a toxic work environment? An untenable boss who micromanages? More and better growth opportunities? A better corporate culture with a […]