Employee Engagement is Worth Caring About: The Increased Employee Productivity Factor

To understand how employee engagement increases employee productivity it’s important to put employee engagement into context and acknowledge how we as organizations play an influential role. In simple terms, we’ve all heard, read about, or experienced a customer service interaction exemplifying employee engagement. You know the kind: where the person you’re dealing with does their utmost to […]

What is the Difference Between a Satisfied Employee and an Engaged Employee?

engaged vs satisfied employees

What Is the Difference Between a Satisfied Employee and an Engaged Employee? There’s a big difference between satisfied and engaged employees. As noted in the article entitled, Satisfied Employees vs. Engaged Employees: How to Spot the Difference, engaged employees behave and act differently. It’s like the difference between giving a restaurant a rating of five […]

The Powerful Relationship of Engagement to Performance

work harder sign

Thirteenth-century Persian poet and Sunni mystic, Rumi, once ruminated, “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Unlocking the heart’s desire is at the very core of employee engagement. But engagement isn’t just a warmhearted, convivial sort of thing. Engagement is part of […]

How to Measure Human Behavior: The 3 Requirement Criteria

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In order to identify the underlying processes as well as the ultimate ‘driving forces’ of human behavior, research has developed intricate techniques allowing for the collection of qualitative and quantitative measures that are indicative of an underlying personality trait, an emotional or cognitive state, or a specific problem-solving strategy. This relationship is referred to as […]

Engagement and Expectations: How to Keep Your Top Talent Ticking

Employee engagement and expectations are a hand in hand kind of thing for top performers. Ever heard the story about a high-profile band that always included a quirky rider in their concert tour contracts? Buried deep in the middle of said contracts: a request for M&Ms in the backstage area – without any brown M&Ms. […]

Facing Layoffs 8 Tips to Manage Employee Morale During Troubled Times

Bad things happen. When markets contract and revenues decline, costs need to be cut. In many organizations that means people have lost or will lose jobs. It’s a harsh reality. Unless you manage engagement wisely, you can expect employee morale to take a turn for the worst. It’s a changed work environment. Cost cutting. Fewer […]

9 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Support Employee Development

Have you ever watched the reality TV show, Undercover Boss, where the CEO of a company leaves their ivory tower office to secretly experience the frontlines? What a great example of cross-department training delivered from the bottom up. Imagine adopting that concept for real across all levels and divisions. Okay, so the undercover part doesn’t apply […]

8 Ways to Prevent and Manage Employee Burnout

“My my, hey hey … it’s better to burnout than to fade away.” These widely quoted lyrics by the Godfather of Grunge, Neil Young, give pause for thought. Would we really rather burnout on the job than fade away into retirement and the alumni records of our employers? Probably not. Stress is a formidable foe […]

Why Your Christmas Party Won’t Improve Engagement

sad woman at work during the holidays

Depending on the organization’s culture, sometimes workplace Christmas parties can be a great time where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable.  But even if that happens, it’s a mistake to rely on one Christmas party a year to ensure ongoing engagement in your organization. It’s just not enough. Employees need to feel consistently valued, appreciated and […]