Top 4 Trends in Engagement

engaged employees at the office

When you think about it, employee engagement has a lot to do with what drives most people to do their best. We all have certain needs that keep us interested in anything that we’re doing for a long time. Employees need the same things and if organizations tend to those needs, there’s a good chance […]

Does Employee Engagement Improve Business Performance?

business performance

This is a no brainer. All you have to do is remember a time when you received excellent service from someone on the job. If that person gave you service that was respectful and fast, they knew the product or service inside out, and they seemed genuinely glad to serve you… they either just won […]

What Is Employee Engagement and How Can It Help Your Organization?


There are a lot of opinions out there about what employee engagement looks like and what it does. But, to keep it simple, let’s look at what some engaged employees feel and experience at work How do employees experience “engagement” on the job? Their managers keep them up-to-date on the organization’s bigger direction. Employees feel […]

What Is Employee Engagement?

what is employee engagement?

Employee Engagement describes the way employees demonstrate commitment, ownership, and discretionary effort toward their work, team, and organization. How people feel about their jobs, working conditions, management, compensation, and a host of other factors determines how well an organization performs. Engaged employees are loyal and committed to the organization. They are far more likely to […]

What Employee Engagement Looks Like in the Financial Service Sector

employee engagement in finance

The financial service industry is a complex compendium of banking and securities, commercial real estate, investment management and insurance. In 2016, this mammoth sector represented 7.3 percent (or $1.4 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. What does employee engagement look like in a sophisticated industry employing more than 6.2 million Americans? In general terms, there’s huge competition […]

The Five Barriers to Employee Engagement

barriers to employee engagement

Last year, close to a billion US dollars was spent on employee engagement around the world. If we’re spending all this money, shouldn’t we be getting better? Sadly not. Data shows engagement seems to be flatlining at best. Why? Reasons are outlined in “Translating Employee Engagement Research into Practice,” a 2017 paper authored by Alan […]

No Budget Is No Excuse

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Many U.S. local governments lament budget constraints when it comes to employee engagement. If you see your budget as a barrier to employee engagement, you’re not alone. In fact, Employee Benefits polled employers on the subject, and 47% said the cost of engagement was an obstacle. The poll also found 44% of respondents named time and […]

Retain Top Talent with Meaningful Employee Engagement

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Compensation Might Entice Quitters, But Then What? The U.S. economy is now firing on all cylinders such that many companies are facing attraction and retention issues. Recently in the Wall Street Journal, David Harrison and Eric Morath’s piece “In This Economy, Quitters are Winning” looks at how American workers are choosing to leave their jobs at […]

Want to Motivate Sales Professionals? Applaud Their Resilience

There’s a whole lot of psychological know-how behind managing people directly responsible for gross revenue. Be it inside or outside sales (or fundraisers – the non-profit synonym for sales) these career professionals are the first to admit they’re a breed unto themselves. To master the art of sales team motivation, the first rule of engagement […]

Uniting Unions in Support of Employee Engagement

employee engagement for unions

Like cilantro, it’s an either-or kind of thing. Either your organization and unions like one another and get along palatably. Or you don’t. Many of us have had a first-hand (or maybe arm’s length) experience from one side of the fence or the other. For unionized organizations intending to introduce or raise employee engagement levels, […]