The Powerful Relationship of Engagement to Performance

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Thirteenth-century Persian poet and Sunni mystic, Rumi, once ruminated, “Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” Unlocking the heart’s desire is at the very core of employee engagement. But engagement isn’t just a warmhearted, convivial sort of thing. Engagement is part of […]

Millennial Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Expectations Fuel Employee Engagement

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Millennials are the dominant force in today’s work world and their drum-call for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) keeps getting louder and more persistent. Business pundits and scholars point to growing evidence between CSR and employee engagement. One of those studies, out of IBM Global Services, found 44 percent of young professionals wouldn’t consider an employer with a bad […]

Measuring Up: Tools of the Employee Engagement Trade

Landscape masters Claude Monet and JMW Turner surveyed the lay of the land and painted what they saw, each with their own interpretation and style. Likewise, your organization’s senior leaders look at their employee landscape, interpret what they perceive, and paint a mental picture with broad sweeping strokes.  While interpretive creative license has a place […]

Managing Generational Gaps in the Workplace

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Do Age Differences Really Matter? Check out some of the online genealogy sites that help trace family lineage and history. The generally accepted time between generations averages 20 to 25 years (from the birth of a parent to the birth of a child). With good health extending our life expectancies in North America it’s not inconceivable our […]

Links Between Employee Engagement and Organizational Success

“People create organizations, therefore the concepts and systems of any organization must reflect the diversity and complexity of the people who comprise it.” What a great quote.  Altruistic, yet oh so true; employee engagement stripped to the bare bones.  Kevin Fong, a proponent of Eastern traditions and philosophies, offers this golden nugget in his paper, The […]

Leave it to Self: Unleash Engagement through Empowerment

When you do an internet search and look up employee engagement tips or employee engagement ideas what you’ll find is the majority, in fact almost all the topics are what executives can do or what managers can do. Very few ideas or suggestions look at what employees can do to drive engagement. At a talk […]

Leadership and Employee Engagement

How to connect with 10,000 employees (more or less) Leaders often ask me what the most “highly engaged” organizations do differently that engages their employees. While there are a number of key drivers of engagement that highly engaged organizations tend to do well, I have come to observe one consistent difference. That difference is how […]

Job Purposing: Igniting a Sense of Purpose at Work

Employees At Their Best — On Purpose When someone sees a strong purpose, when they feel really good about what their organization stands for, and they feel they have true meaning in what they’re doing then they are going to feel pride in the organization, optimistic about its future and they’ll emotionally invest. And of […]