How Can Leaders Champion a Revamped Workplace Culture?


Imagine ten people living on a small ship. To make sure that the ship runs well and everyone gets along and knows what they’re supposed to do, the captain of the ship has got to share what’s expected and how things are done based on the ships’ values and goals. The captain also has to […]

How Do You Identify Troubled Teams?

troubled team

There are a few signs that teams are not working well. If teams don’t have trust, don’t share thoughts and ideas, don’t find ways to work together, and don’t accept each other’s differences and support each other, there can be trouble. Why teams matter If you’ve ever been to a team-building workshop, you might remember […]

What is the Cost of Losing an Employee?

cost of losing an employee

It’s more than you think. When an employee’s business relationship isn’t working out, they become sick or they need to take an extended leave, businesses pay for it, in more ways than one. So it’s in a business’ best interest to do whatever they can to keep and support the best people in their organization. […]

Leadership and Employee Engagement

How to connect with 10,000 employees (more or less) Leaders often ask me what the most “highly engaged” organizations do differently that engages their employees. While there are a number of key drivers of engagement that highly engaged organizations tend to do well, I have come to observe one consistent difference. That difference is how […]

How Servant Leadership Wins The Hearts And Minds Of Employees

Ancient Greek and Roman temples, the great pyramids of Egyptian, Mayan and Inca cultures, the 828 meters (2,717 ft) towering Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, and 104-storey One World Trade Centre in New York are monuments of indentured servitude. Architectural marvels built by slaves of bygone rulers and laborers bound to regular paychecks issued by […]

How Many Managers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

…Writer Rey Elbo posited this question, tongue in cheek, in a Manila Times editorial exploring “the idiocy of excessive management command-and-control that defeats employee empowerment.”  Changing light bulbs aside, the real question is: how many hurdles does it take to find the right kind of manager? Finding the right type of management talent is as […]

BIG FIVE Workplace Personalities

Recognizing employees’ traits makes it easier to inspire and engage Understanding the association between individual personality traits and employee engagement is the premise of an academic paper authored by Ilke Inceoglu and Peter Warr. Of course descriptions of workplace personalities come in all kinds of different packaging (red or blue? owl or eagle? amiable or assertive?). When you […]

Top 8 Ways to Increase Engagement During the Holidays

candy canes

It seems like a lot of us are in a better mood around the holidays: Strangers might talk to us more, also, friends, family and even people we don’t know very well, might reach out to spend time together. Some will perhaps simply open a door for us or give us the space we need […]