How Is Work Culture Impacted By New Technologies?


New technologies can impact organizations and their work cultures in many ways. They can save money and time. They can help gather intelligence about client’s demographics and their specific wants and needs. New technologies can streamline and simplify repetitive processes. New technologies can also help reach and serve clients around the world in new ways […]

What A Great Workplace Culture Looks Like for Remote Teams

remote teams

As the COVID-19 crisis sweeps the globe, businesses are rapidly adjusting to current conditions and putting remote work into practice. Many have embraced this model for years, claiming great success. Some organizations that have mastered a great remote workplace culture boast that it increases both productivity and profits. But it seems that the key to […]

Overcoming Employee Resistance to Cultural Change

resistance to cultural change

We all live with habits and patterns of behavior, even if we’re not aware of it. From the moment we wake up – almost without thinking – we follow the same routines in the same sequence. 1. Start the coffee maker 2. Shower 3. Get dressed 4. Drink coffee, etc. We enjoy routines and habits […]

Tech-Focused Tactics Organizations Can Use to Engage Their Workforce

engagement technology

The value of engaged employees is undeniable. In fact, an Engage for Success study found that organizations with engagement levels of 65% or higher had shareholder returns of 22% higher than average, and show a 40% decrease in turnover rates compared to organizations with lower levels of engagement. Also, the study shows that engaged employees […]

7 Conversations Guaranteed to Lead to Higher Engagement

performance reviews

If you want your employees to feel connected to your organization and willingly contribute their best, you need to notice what’s missing and then take action. You’ve got to meet with your employees and let them know that you want their engagement and you’ll do what it takes to get it. There are a lot […]

Top 6 Reasons your Employees Aren’t Engaged

employees aren't engaged

Achieving employee engagement is a worthwhile cause for your organization. When employees are engaged, they feel a connection to the organization and its outcomes. The end result is that they are a lot more excited about doing their work, they will work harder, and they will want to stay. So let’s look at the reasons […]

Top 15 Employee Exit Interview Questions

exit interview

If Employees leave your organization and you don’t know why, you may be losing a valuable chance to improve it. In fact, their silence may cause more employees to leave your workplace in the near future. Why? Since you didn’t hear about the problem that caused your employee’s exit – there is a good chance […]

Turning the Tide Through Effective Employee Onboarding

employee onboarding and entry

News outlets spewed frenzied headlines: “The long, amazing history of quitting jobs in epic fashion” – Washington Post “Americans are quitting their jobs like crazy” – Business Insider “More Americans quitting jobs” – Reuters “It’s Great That So Many Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs” – The Atlantic Statistics from the U.S. Labor Department’s December 2016 Job […]

Asking the right questions for a meaningful and effective check-ins

employee check in

Successful one-on-one meetings with employees are like opening a locked vault filled with treasures You’ve noticed a tinge of tension in the air. Your team isn’t playing well together, not as well as usual. Levity is missing. Deadlines are being met, but just barely. One of your group left on paternity leave several weeks ago. […]

The Human Age of Employee Experience

Lessons from Progressive Organizations It seems the Human Age has finally arrived in the Western world of business. Hello to “employee experience,” the trending mantra of today’s progressive thought leaders. Mismatched supply and demand in the talent market seems to be the catalyst for this trend. Well, that and the fact that early adopters of employee […]