How to Measure Human Behavior: The 3 Requirement Criteria

measuring tape on a table with an apple and a glass of water

In order to identify the underlying processes as well as the ultimate ‘driving forces’ of human behavior, research has developed intricate techniques allowing for the collection of qualitative and quantitative measures that are indicative of an underlying personality trait, an emotional or cognitive state, or a specific problem-solving strategy. This relationship is referred to as […]

How to Make Employee Engagement Happen Without an HR Department

how do we measure employee engagement

As the hub for all things employee related HR is the “go-to” executive leaders rely on for strategic people and performance guidance. But what happens when a smaller-sized organization doesn’t have an HR department?  How is something as fundamental as employee engagement handled, if at all? Operating without an HR professional is often part and parcel of […]

Getting Workspace Design Right

There’s a popular trend lately around open concept offices with undesignated desks or seating. “Inspire collaboration!” interior design types enthuse. Physical workspace design is an interesting topic for yours truly given that the place where this blog and others are written happens to be under a canopy of trees on an outdoor cottage deck (or […]

Exit Interview Questions

Adios. Farewell. The Goodwill and Good Management of Exit Interviews What makes employees leave one job for another? Better compensation is an enticing carrot to be sure. Career advancement. Yup. No doubt. Getting away from a toxic work environment? An untenable boss who micromanages? More and better growth opportunities? A better corporate culture with a […]

Why Your Christmas Party Won’t Improve Engagement

sad woman at work during the holidays

Depending on the organization’s culture, sometimes workplace Christmas parties can be a great time where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable.  But even if that happens, it’s a mistake to rely on one Christmas party a year to ensure ongoing engagement in your organization. It’s just not enough. Employees need to feel consistently valued, appreciated and […]