Volunteer Engagement Strategies

Volunteerism: Matchmaking Nirvana? If you’ve ever volunteered, you’ve likely had an enriching experience or one that’s left you shaking your head wondering why you got involved in the first place. Although volunteer engagement strategies might be something those of us outside of the health care and not-for-profit sectors easily dismiss, thinking they don’t really apply […]

Not All Benchmarks Are Created Equal

Why “Go Big Or Go Home” May Not Be In Your Best Interest When an organization looks at shifting employee engagement survey projects from a large survey vendor to a highly specialized albeit smaller survey partner, there’s always pause for concern. Particularly when it comes to comparing employee engagement benchmarks. If one database comprises 500 or more […]

One In Five Doctors Intend To Leave Medicine Altogether. Let’s Talk About Why.

Healthcare is facing enormous hurdles. Dr. Goldman, host of CBC’s radio series White Coat, Black Art, recently looked at doctor burnout. According to the Canadian Medical Association, more than half of Canada’s doctors may be suffering from burnout. And in the U.S., it’s even higher with nearly two-thirds of doctors feeling depressed, burned out, or both. Meanwhile, a 2017 […]

Public Service Work Doesn’t Have to be Dismal

Questions around the differences between public and private sector employee engagement badger scholars around the world. In a 2012 study investigating Work Motivation Differences Between Public and Private Sector, Pakistan-based scholars Sadia Rashid and Uzma Rashid, found public servants are motivated by finding the right job fit, and experience more work-life balance in the process, while financial rewards […]

Recruiting Best Practices Why Employee Soft Skills Matter More Than Ever

soft skills

Nasty office politics, difficult managers, gossipy colleagues; together or alone each of these can fester and brew into a downright toxic, counter-productive work environment and poor employee engagement. We all wish for world peace. But let’s face it: how is that ever likely if we can’t even manage to get along at work? That’s where […]

When Growth Gets in the Way of Employee Engagement

organizational growth

What comes to mind when you think about successful employee engagement? Magnetic organizations and productive workforces? We equate employee engagement with business growth. But what happens to employee engagement when business growth mushrooms?  Cindy Grant, VP of Human Resources for Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company frets exactly about that. Having worked her whole career in the heart of Canada’s financial […]

The Presenteeism Conundrum and Absenteeism Panacea

physical wellbeing

Time to fess up. The world of human capital and employee experience is truly fascinating to an inquiring mind (like mine). One attracted to statistics and the stories they tell, depending of course, on the storyteller. And always digging for the “why” behind the “what”. Seriously, it’s a veritable feast for a serial researcher. Every […]

Engaging Employees in the Safety and Health of their Workplace

workplace safety and health

This year on April 28 the International Labour Organization’s World Day for Safety and Health at Work is linking forces with the World Day Against Child Labour in a joint campaign to improve the occupational safety and health of all employees, regardless of age. Every day 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases […]

9 Ways to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates

High employee engagement survey response rates are vital to a successful survey program. TalentMap’s average employee survey response rate is over 81%. Below are some ways to help you hit and even beat the benchmark average. SURVEY LAUNCH: Invite employees for coffee and donuts the day the survey launches to introduce, promote and build excitement around […]

Employee Engagement Best Practices

survey myths

The first step to improving employee engagement is to ask your employees how they feel and what they think can be done to improve the workplace. The next step is taking action on those results. These actions will be different for each organization, depending on the size, resources, and culture of the organization. There is […]