During highly disruptive times, it is easy to understand why employees would feel overwhelmed and panicked.

Pulse surveys are the most important tool to ensure that you are actively soliciting employee feedback about their needs and well-being.

Using the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, Project COVID is a cost effective and impartial pulse survey with built-in psychosocial measures to help give you feedback about your people.

pulse surveys

Project COVID includes

scientifically tested questions

Scientifically tested questions for validity and reliability​

survey templates

Questionnaire template with multiple dimensions to choose from​

online reporting

Online self-serve reporting access​

project management

Effortless deployment by TalentMap staff​

online content

Exclusive access to an online content library​

presentations workshops and training

Optional peer-to-peer best practice sessions facilitated by TalentMap​

content library

An infographic summarizing the project's benchmark findings​

exceptional service

TalentMap's world class survey platform and exceptional service record​

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