COVID-19 Employee Survey Templates

In challenging times, internal communication efforts should be rooted in the values your organization has built your people management strategy upon.

We want to help organizations understand what employees are thinking and feeling, so we have made our COVID-19 employee survey pulse templates available for free.

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COVID-19 employee survey pulse templates

Remote work

  • Communication and collaboration tools are simple and easy to use (e.g. video conferencing, file sharing, messaging).
  • I have the necessary equipment to do my job well (e.g. laptops, phone systems and software applications).
  • I know what is expected when working remotely (security protocols, camera use, work space, internet access, availabitly).
  • I am clear on expected behavior (how to join, appear, communicate, behave, listen, talk and share) on conference calls. 
  • I can quickly and easily access the appropriate information (files, documents, software applications) I need to do my job well.
  • I have timely access to my manager or others when needed to get my job done well.
  • While working remotely, I have a space where I can focus on work.
  • I feel well supported by my manager.
  • I can continue to work remotely indefinitely.
  • I am just as productive while working remotely when compared to my usual work location.

Change management

  • Senior leaders have provided a compelling vision to steer through the COVID-19 crisis successfully.
  • My organization has implemented effective solutions (i.e. scheduled conference calls, team meetings, manager touch points, etc.) to be productive.
  • My organization is adapting well to the changing dynamics resulting from COVID-19.
  • My manager provides effective feedback and updates during this crisis.
  • I understand what I’m expected to accomplish at work.
  • I feel I have the support I need to do my job well.
  • I feel confident that we will find innovative ways to transform our business after COVID-19.

Employee enablement

  • I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job well.
  • I have access to the information I need to do my job well.
  • I receive enough training to excel at my job.
  • I have timely access to my manager or others when I need them to get my job done.
  • Management has adequately adjusted workload expectations to reflect current work disruption.
  • I feel well supported by my manager.
  • I am more productive now, in my current work space (home office, remote location, onsite) than I was pre-Covid 19.

Pandemic preparedness

  • My organization has a disaster/contingency plan or an emergency preparedness protocol in place to manage operations.
  • My organization has enacted business continuity and deployed crisis teams in affected areas in a timely manner.
  • My organization has adjusted the expectations and preparations as things change with COVID-19 pandemic.
  • My organization has addressed the impact on the organizational supply chain effectively.
  • I feel secure about how my company is handling financial implications of this pandemic.
  • I feel confident in my organization’s sustainability during this crisis.
  • I feel secure about my job/role in the organization.

Information and communication

  • My organization has communicated well during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • My organization provides regular updates during the crisis.
  • My immediate manager has made an effort to communicate regularly with me.
  • I have access to the information I need to do my job well since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • My organization has adequate procedures for sharing information.
  • Overall, I’m satisfied with the frequency and clarity of communications in my organization.

HR effectiveness

  • I have ready access to HR staff whenever I need advice and assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • HR has responded to my inquiries and work issues in a timely and efficient manner during COVID.
  • HR has promptly and clearly communicated policies and procedures affecting my work\ during the pandemic.
  • HR has ensured that I have the tools, resources, training and equipment to perform my job safely and productively.
  • Overall, HR has responded effectively to address workplace issues during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Immediate manager

  • My manager has increased support for my health and well-being since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • My manager meets (remote or otherwise) with me at least once a day during work.
  • My manager continues to provide all the information I need to perform my job well.
  • My manager encourages peer to peer communications to share practices and insights since the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • My manager provides a regular cadence of meetings that focus not on data alone but practical actions the company has undertaken to manage through the COVID-19 outbreak.

Senior leadership

  • Senior leadership clearly cares about my health and safety.
  • Since COVID-19, senior leadership have communicated effectively (frequency, format and quality).
  • I have trust and confidence in our senior leaders to make the right decisions to manage through the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Senior leaders have painted a compelling vision to steer through this crisis.
  • I am fully aware how COVID-19 will affect my role at the organization.
  • Senior leadership has responded well to the impact of COVID-19 on business operations so far.

Physiological safety

  • My organization offers the right benefits and services such as (Employee Assistance Program, Peer Support, etc.) to adequately address my psychological and mental health needs during this COVID-19 outbreak.
  • My organization has a process in place to intervene if an employee seems distressed.
  • I feel supported by the organization when I am dealing with personal and family issues.
  • Outside of work, I feel I have the right support network in place (family, friends, community, other) to get me through the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • I am very worried about the impact of the COVID-19 virus on me personally.
  • I am very worried about the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on my organization.

Physical safety & support

  • I am clear about COVID-19 safety standards that relate to my job.
  • Systems are in place to enable social distancing at my organization.
  • Since COVID-19, I have NOT felt pressured to compromise good safety practices in order to to my job.
  • With respect to COVID-19, my organization takes appropriate steps to protect my safety at work (i.e. personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, clear safety protocols).
  • Senior leadership actions demonstrate clearly that employee health and safety is a top priority.

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