What Is Employee Engagement and How Can It Help Your Organization?


There are a lot of opinions out there about what employee engagement looks like and what it does. But, to keep it simple, let’s look at what some engaged employees feel and experience at work How do employees experience “engagement” on the job? Their managers keep them up-to-date on the organization’s bigger direction. Employees feel […]

Retain Top Talent with Meaningful Employee Engagement

retain top employees

Compensation Might Entice Quitters, But Then What? The U.S. economy is now firing on all cylinders such that many companies are facing attraction and retention issues. Recently in the Wall Street Journal, David Harrison and Eric Morath’s piece “In This Economy, Quitters are Winning” looks at how American workers are choosing to leave their jobs at […]

How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Recruitment, Retention and Engagement

Home is where the heart is. For a growing number of people, especially Millennials, this proverb holds true on the job. Work is where the heart is if we’re truly engaged with our jobs and employers. One of the touchpoints for the hypermobile Millennial generation is a desire to work in an environment where similar values are […]

Guest Blog: 7 Tips for Recruiting the Right Person for the Job

Recruiting the right employee to fit the job opening in your business can be a tricky feat, but it’s well worth the effort if you find the perfect candidate. Hiring the right talent can mean the difference between an engaging, helpful, and knowledgeable staff, and a staff that barely seems capable of working as a cohesive unit. […]

Employee Turnover Costs & Retention Tips

Employee turnover cost-estimates are as varied as wildflowers in a field. The average cost-per hire is $4,129 says the Society of Human Resource Management based on a human capital benchmark survey of 2,048 respondents reflecting fiscal year 2015. Total direct and indirect costs of replacing a supermarket cashier earning $6.50 per hour is at least $3,637 according […]

Embracing AI Within the Recruiting Process to Hire Top Talent

Many don’t realize this, but humans and artificial intelligence (AI) are about to work together at every stage in the recruiting funnel. In a recent report, Jobvite found that when the skills of both are combined, they collectively introduce an opportunity for more efficient, meticulously screened and results-driven recruiting process. Here are just a few ways […]

Disability Inclusion in the Workplace: 8 Tips to Access a Talent Pool High on Engagement

In this age of low unemployment rates and high demand for qualified employees, transformational change leader Mark Wafer suggests organizations cast wider diversity and inclusion nets. “Not only is hiring people with disabilities the right thing to do,” says Wafer. “It can have a dramatic effect on a business’s bottom line. In bringing them into the […]