Embracing AI Within the Recruiting Process to Hire Top Talent


Many don’t realize this, but humans and artificial intelligence (AI) are about to work together at every stage in the recruiting funnel. In a recent report, Jobvite found that when the skills of both are combined, they collectively introduce an opportunity for more efficient, meticulously screened and results-driven recruiting process.

Here are just a few ways that AI can amplify efforts to recruit top talent.

Attract & Source

AI offers an opportunity to streamline the searching process exponentially. It can have the ability automatically recommend more suitable candidates simply by targeting specific keywords found in the job description and/or outlined required skills for the position in question. It can even write job descriptions for you by analyzing successful hires and pulling the most effective words to help attract the most appropriate individuals, saving you precious time and energy as well as eliminating the risk of your hiring decisions being influenced by anything other than raw experience and capability.

The Screening and Engagement Process

The process of screening candidates can be a tiresome and draining activity. Having AI help to step in can assist with narrowing down the list far more quickly, making ideal candidates wait for less time and speeding up the entire hiring process. This is important when they are itching to get started, and other offers are already on the table, as then it makes sense to prioritize the first offer that is received since it demonstrates an immediate interest to provide employment. AI also has the potential to take it a step further by engaging directly with candidates by recommending other open positions or even handling the first level of the interview process (via chatbots). Simulations and testing can also be performed autonomously.

Selection and Hiring

During the selection, hiring, and onboarding process, AI can assist with detecting inherent biases in your candidate selection process. It can also facilitate interview scheduling through automated calendar synchronization to plan for future interviews and meetings appropriate for everyone’s availability – right down to recommending optimal locations, days of the week and meeting times, which the top talent will surely appreciate.

Reference and background checks can also be conducted via AI in a quick and efficient manner, making it faster and smoother to onboard new employees to help them ease into their new position without hassle.

In short, the top candidates for positions you are hiring for will appreciate the quick, streamlined, reliable and highly efficient means of engagement and assessment that AI can introduce to the recruitment process. This leaves more time for recruiters to focus on areas of the process that can’t beat a human connection. By working with technology instead of against it, you can be assured of the best employees joining your company.

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