Employee Engagement is Worth Caring About: The Increased Employee Productivity Factor

To understand how employee engagement increases employee productivity it’s important to put employee engagement into context and acknowledge how we as organizations play an influential role. In simple terms, we’ve all heard, read about, or experienced a customer service interaction exemplifying employee engagement. You know the kind: where the person you’re dealing with does their utmost to […]

Wrestling Unproductive Meetings to the Ground with Employee Feedback Surveys

unproductive virtual meetings

Are meetings really a waste of time? Not all of them. Not all the time. Yet we’ve all been there, done that. It hurts just to think about the endless hours we spend in webinars or on conference calls or wriggling in uncomfortable boardroom chairs listening to voices drone on and on, seemingly just for […]

A Guide to Conducting 360 Feedback Surveys

writing 360 on the board

Imagine a circle with an employee or manager in the centre and employees who work with that manager or employee, placed around the circle. That’s a snapshot of how 360 feedback surveys work. Those around the circle namely peers, reporting staff, coworkers and supervisors who regularly work with the manager or employee, are asked to […]

Do You Know What Your Workplace Culture Is?

your workplace

If you’re asking this question, the chances are that you probably don’t. Organizations with a defined workplace culture usually know it because everyone in the organization lives it. They’re steered by it, in everything they do. It’s important to understand that just because it isn’t defined doesn’t mean you don’t have one. You certainly do. […]

Can You Measure Corporate Culture?

measure corporate culture

The quick answer is yes. But to measure corporate culture, you must define it. When people hear the word, “culture” they might think of how people in other countries do things differently. Or they might imagine a room full of “cultured” upper class people dressed in tuxedos and evening gowns while staring at art and […]

Top Six Proven Strategies to Improve Engagement

improve engagement

There’s a mountain of material out there on how to engage employees in an organization. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what’s best, what fits your mandate, your budget, your culture and your specific workplace.  For example, some large businesses can afford to give their employees the moon and the stars when it […]

Tech-Focused Tactics Organizations Can Use to Engage Their Workforce

engagement technology

The value of engaged employees is undeniable. In fact, an Engage for Success study found that organizations with engagement levels of 65% or higher had shareholder returns of 22% higher than average, and show a 40% decrease in turnover rates compared to organizations with lower levels of engagement. Also, the study shows that engaged employees […]

Top 4 Trends in Engagement

engaged employees at the office

When you think about it, employee engagement has a lot to do with what drives most people to do their best. We all have certain needs that keep us interested in anything that we’re doing for a long time. Employees need the same things and if organizations tend to those needs, there’s a good chance […]

Does Employee Engagement Improve Business Performance?

business performance

This is a no brainer. All you have to do is remember a time when you received excellent service from someone on the job. If that person gave you service that was respectful and fast, they knew the product or service inside out, and they seemed genuinely glad to serve you… they either just won […]

7 Conversations Guaranteed to Lead to Higher Engagement

performance reviews

If you want your employees to feel connected to your organization and willingly contribute their best, you need to notice what’s missing and then take action. You’ve got to meet with your employees and let them know that you want their engagement and you’ll do what it takes to get it. There are a lot […]