What is Workplace Culture?

what is workplace culture?

Richard Branson is the well-known founder of the Virgin Group which is one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands with over 400 companies, including Virgin Airways and Virgin Galactic to Virgin Media. Branson has always expressed a different approach to business than his contemporaries. In Forbes magazine, he explains what he looks for in an employee. […]

Six Savvy Action Plans to Increase Engagement Through Professional Growth

Professional Growth

Professional growth is a joint effort – with inputs both from the employee and their employer. So the truth is that individuals and organizations have a lot to gain from committing resources and energy into managing careers. 1. Start career development on day one. Introduce a robust on-boarding program that integrates new hires into their […]

Modern Employee Wellness Programs for Irresistible Employee Experiences

employee wellness

It’s that resolution time of year again. Weight loss programs, sporting goods retailers, fitness centers, and so on are all clambering for their share of the pie. Each promising a new and better you. Health and wellness is big business. It’s also a hefty business tool for organizations wanting to give employee engagement a lift. A 2017 survey of […]

Workplace Safety: Violence Has No Place in Deeply Engaged Cultures

employee workplace safety

On a day usually reserved for love and lovers, the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida ripped through America’s social conscience.  Schools are meant to be safe, secure, and engaging environments for students and those employed as teachers, administrators, custodians and cafeteria staff. While devastating school violence draws mass media […]

Prepare for Change: Top Trends Shared by HR Professionals


At a recent HR leadership conference in Toronto, Canada, change was the constant. It crept into pretty much every presentation, lunch table discussion, and coffee break chit chat.  Everyone seems to be brandishing the same notion. It’s a time of transition and significant change. And it’s turning the business world upside down. As fiscal year […]

The Imperatives of Employee Survey Identity Protection and Confidentiality


To land the big scoop journalists work hard to gain their source’s confidence. Not infrequently, identity protection accompanies trust. Without that veil of obscurity, a lot of headline stories would never see the light of day.  Deep Throat, the secret informant behind Watergate, is one of the most notorious. It was 30 years before Mark […]

The Human Age of Employee Experience

Lessons from Progressive Organizations It seems the Human Age has finally arrived in the Western world of business. Hello to “employee experience,” the trending mantra of today’s progressive thought leaders. Mismatched supply and demand in the talent market seems to be the catalyst for this trend. Well, that and the fact that early adopters of employee […]

15 Tips for Employee Survey Customization

made to measure

Themes around employee engagement are well documented. All survey vendors have some version of standard survey questions that fall under those 12 or 15 umbrella categories (compensation, professional growth, leadership…you know the shtick).  Yet strategic objectives and corporate cultures vary. Internal corporate-speak and external industry jargon differ. Geography, language and literacy rates compound differences. Sometimes employee survey customization is required or […]

Engagement and Expectations: How to Keep Your Top Talent Ticking

Employee engagement and expectations are a hand in hand kind of thing for top performers. Ever heard the story about a high-profile band that always included a quirky rider in their concert tour contracts? Buried deep in the middle of said contracts: a request for M&Ms in the backstage area – without any brown M&Ms. […]

How To Ask The Right Employee Survey Questions

All survey vendors have some version of standard employee survey questions. Often though customization is desired or required especially when an organization wants to measure the impact of specific concepts or initiatives. However, asking the right questions is a complex science. Researchers and statisticians spend years, decades, lifetimes honing their scholarly know-how. After all, defective data is […]