How Servant Leadership Wins The Hearts And Minds Of Employees

Ancient Greek and Roman temples, the great pyramids of Egyptian, Mayan and Inca cultures, the 828 meters (2,717 ft) towering Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, and 104-storey One World Trade Centre in New York are monuments of indentured servitude. Architectural marvels built by slaves of bygone rulers and laborers bound to regular paychecks issued by […]

How Many Managers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

…Writer Rey Elbo posited this question, tongue in cheek, in a Manila Times editorial exploring “the idiocy of excessive management command-and-control that defeats employee empowerment.”  Changing light bulbs aside, the real question is: how many hurdles does it take to find the right kind of manager? Finding the right type of management talent is as […]

Why Employee Engagement Is Globally Misunderstood

When we talk about talent acquisition we tend to cast a wide net to find the people we’re looking for to move our businesses forward. One of the things that’s becoming an interesting addition to the conversation is the whole idea of a global workforce strategy. Back in 2004, management guru Dave Ulrich said “for […]

Get Prepared For The Generation Z Workforce: Facts, Predictions, and Implications

It’s early days for Generation Z (also known as iGen or Post-Millennials) in the workplace. Researchers and writers paint their own pictures of this post-millennial population with different characteristics. Some say they’re confident, entrepreneurial. Others say not so much. So What Do We Know About The Generation Z Workforce And How Can HR Professionals Prepare? […]

Employee Engagement in Municipalities: Unique Challenges and Solutions

If the number of surveys and workshops we do for municipalities is any indicator, these organizations have been getting on the employee engagement bandwagon in a major way over the past several years. The case for higher employee engagement in municipalities is clear: higher productivity, better retention, lower absenteeism, better citizen/ratepayer experience, and the list goes […]

Eight Easy Pre-Survey Communication Tactics

Pre-Survey Communication is a must do before launching any kind of employee engagement survey. Your organization’s leaders, managers, and general employee population need to understand the purpose and their part in its success. Depending on the size and structure of your organization, communication about a forthcoming employee survey may fall to members of the HR […]

10 Guidelines for Successfully Deploying an Employee Survey

many people putting up a thumps up

A client of TalentMap’s recently achieved a remarkable 96 percent participation rate on their employee engagement survey.  The organization’s internal efforts deserve praise. At 7:00 am members of the HR team were at entrance ways greeting people with chocolate bars and reminder notes to fill out the employee survey launching that morning. Simple. Smart. Effective. Deploying […]

9 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Support Employee Development

Have you ever watched the reality TV show, Undercover Boss, where the CEO of a company leaves their ivory tower office to secretly experience the frontlines? What a great example of cross-department training delivered from the bottom up. Imagine adopting that concept for real across all levels and divisions. Okay, so the undercover part doesn’t apply […]

6 Tips for Reliable Employee Survey Data

Plenty of universities offer survey design and stat courses. If “stats” was a mandatory requirement for your post-secondary degree (and math’s not your thing) you probably fell into the big pool of students drowning in all the formula and despising the subject. Far from throwing a few questions together and tossing them out for responses, […]