How Does Good Workplace Culture Affect Profitability?

culture affects profitability

For something vitally important, workplace culture appears to be surprisingly difficult to manage. 

How is workplace culture defined?

Workplace culture can determine whether an employee wants to stay or leave an organization. When you walk into an office, can you feel a vibe or is the atmosphere deflated?  When Google hires people, often the answer to why a candidate wants to work for them is “for the culture.” 

What leaders should consider the following to define a culture that is right for you:

A Mission and a Purpose. Your best culture is contagious. It is not only authentic and unique, but also one that consistently keeps and creates customers.

Transparency. To scale a culture effectively, deliver on the promises it makes to candidates, employees and customers.

Uniqueness. Culture is as unique as every individual is unique in your organization. Is the product unique? How can you make it unique? Do your employees believe in the brand? Why does the organization exist? 

Good Workplace Culture  

Some common positive attributes are:

  • This is a fun or enjoyable place to work
  • There is purpose and is results-oriented
  • There is a sense of teamwork
  • There is fairness, transparency and respect
  • It is a great place to learn and grow
  • Employees feel valued and empowered
  • Employees can speak up without fear of retribution
  • Employees who move projects forward with innovative ideas

A Company’s Voice is Their Culture

A good leader needs to know what motivates his staff. There needs to be collaboration and understanding between the working force of Baby Boomers, Millennials and those of the Generation X. Such an influx of different attitudes is channeling businesses to think differently. It is still about profit, but there is more emphasis on goodwill, such as how an organization’s efforts changed a customer’s life. A good workplace culture spills over and is embraced locally, nationally and internationally. This is how an organization thrives.

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