Can I Customize The Questionnaire?


Yes, you can. Most of our clients start with our standard questionnaire TalentGage Classic and then decide if they need to customize it. For those that do customize, changes can be made to any text, the items (questions) and the sections to align with specific goals and to resonate better with staff. We can accommodate any request, but the vast majority of our clients rely on TalentMap’s experience and knowledge to help them decide when, where and how to customize.

We distinguish between Minor Text Changes and Major Changes. Minor Text Changes: Editing or changes to words or terminology to accommodate your specific organization, field or industry or to clarify definitions. Edits that change the underlying intent or meaning; however, are not accepted as ‘minor text changes’:


  • Adding a definition to define ‘Senior Leadership’
  • Text changes such as ‘customer’ to ‘client’ or ‘Immediate Manager’ to ‘Immediate Supervisor’
  • Minor word changes to open-ended questions
  • Changes to any of the instructions
  • Removal of a complete section (including open-ended) – i.e. removed from the completed compensation section

Not Permitted

  • Adding a new item (question) to a section
  • Removing an item(s) within a section
  • Adding a new section
  • Changes to check box options on open-ended items (questions)
  • Reordering any items (questions) or reordering any sections
  • Branching or piping (bringing forward response from a previous response or alternative data set

Major Changes: Sometimes you need a greater level of customization. You can move from our standard Essentials survey program to our Enhanced program. You can make all the changes allowed in Essentials plus you can add, edit or delete up to 20 items/questions. In addition, you get unlimited consulting advice to help design your custom items/questions to maintain your questionnaire’s psychometric properties.


  • Adding, editing or removing an item (question) to a section
  • Adding or removing a new section
  • Changes to open-ended items (questions) or to check box options
  • Reordering any items (questions) or reordering any sections

Not Permitted

  • Adding more than new 20 items (questions)
  • Removing, editing or changing the Engagement section
  • Branching or piping (bringing forward response from a previous response or alternative data set

Complete Redesign: some clients look to us to create a completely customized survey program with the objective of measuring, managing and improving something other than employee engagement. Examples include a surveys to measure ‘safety’ and ‘change readiness’. The options are endless. What is important is TalentMap brings its considerable knowledge, skills an expertise to help design the right survey for you and deploy it properly for you.

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