What Employee Engagement Looks Like in the Financial Service Sector

employee engagement in finance

The financial service industry is a complex compendium of banking and securities, commercial real estate, investment management and insurance. In 2016, this mammoth sector represented 7.3 percent (or $1.4 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. What does employee engagement look like in a sophisticated industry employing more than 6.2 million Americans? In general terms, there’s huge competition […]

The Five Barriers to Employee Engagement

barriers to employee engagement

Last year, close to a billion US dollars was spent on employee engagement around the world. If we’re spending all this money, shouldn’t we be getting better? Sadly not. Data shows engagement seems to be flatlining at best. Why? Reasons are outlined in “Translating Employee Engagement Research into Practice,” a 2017 paper authored by Alan […]

The Pitfalls of Using Shortcuts (like Net Promoter Score)

net promoter score and engagement

Customers and employees are like the chicken and egg thing. Which takes precedence or comes first in an organization’s priorities can be long debated without resolve. Customers pay the bills, right? But those products and services customers purchase are produced by employees. The bigger question is how to optimally measure, attain and retain customer satisfaction […]

No Budget Is No Excuse

no budget no excuse survey value

Many U.S. local governments lament budget constraints when it comes to employee engagement. If you see your budget as a barrier to employee engagement, you’re not alone. In fact, Employee Benefits polled employers on the subject, and 47% said the cost of engagement was an obstacle. The poll also found 44% of respondents named time and […]

Modern Employee Wellness Programs for Irresistible Employee Experiences

employee wellness

It’s that resolution time of year again. Weight loss programs, sporting goods retailers, fitness centers, and so on are all clambering for their share of the pie. Each promising a new and better you. Health and wellness is big business. It’s also a hefty business tool for organizations wanting to give employee engagement a lift. A 2017 survey of […]

Workplace Safety: Violence Has No Place in Deeply Engaged Cultures

employee workplace safety

On a day usually reserved for love and lovers, the Valentine’s Day shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida ripped through America’s social conscience.  Schools are meant to be safe, secure, and engaging environments for students and those employed as teachers, administrators, custodians and cafeteria staff. While devastating school violence draws mass media […]

Prepare for Change: Top Trends Shared by HR Professionals


At a recent HR leadership conference in Toronto, Canada, change was the constant. It crept into pretty much every presentation, lunch table discussion, and coffee break chit chat.  Everyone seems to be brandishing the same notion. It’s a time of transition and significant change. And it’s turning the business world upside down. As fiscal year […]

Retain Top Talent with Meaningful Employee Engagement

retain top employees

Compensation Might Entice Quitters, But Then What? The U.S. economy is now firing on all cylinders such that many companies are facing attraction and retention issues. Recently in the Wall Street Journal, David Harrison and Eric Morath’s piece “In This Economy, Quitters are Winning” looks at how American workers are choosing to leave their jobs at […]

Turning the Tide Through Effective Employee Onboarding

employee onboarding and entry

News outlets spewed frenzied headlines: “The long, amazing history of quitting jobs in epic fashion” – Washington Post “Americans are quitting their jobs like crazy” – Business Insider “More Americans quitting jobs” – Reuters “It’s Great That So Many Americans Are Quitting Their Jobs” – The Atlantic Statistics from the U.S. Labor Department’s December 2016 Job […]

Work-Life Balance: Why Overworking Your Employees Makes Them Less Productive

work life balance

Whether you work in a restaurant, an office, or a high-stress emergency room, a lack of productivity can occur due to excessive workloads. The problem is, many don’t understand that their employees are often not to blame when they are overworked. Employers are sometimes under the assumption that employees don’t care enough or want to […]