What Is Employee Engagement and How Can It Help Your Organization?


There are a lot of opinions out there about what employee engagement looks like and what it does. But, to keep it simple, let’s look at what some engaged employees feel and experience at work How do employees experience “engagement” on the job? Their managers keep them up-to-date on the organization’s bigger direction. Employees feel […]

What is the Difference Between a Satisfied Employee and an Engaged Employee?

engaged vs satisfied employees

What Is the Difference Between a Satisfied Employee and an Engaged Employee? There’s a big difference between satisfied and engaged employees. As noted in the article entitled, Satisfied Employees vs. Engaged Employees: How to Spot the Difference, engaged employees behave and act differently. It’s like the difference between giving a restaurant a rating of five […]

Retain Top Talent with Meaningful Employee Engagement

retain top employees

Compensation Might Entice Quitters, But Then What? The U.S. economy is now firing on all cylinders such that many companies are facing attraction and retention issues. Recently in the Wall Street Journal, David Harrison and Eric Morath’s piece “In This Economy, Quitters are Winning” looks at how American workers are choosing to leave their jobs at […]

Engagement and Expectations: How to Keep Your Top Talent Ticking

Employee engagement and expectations are a hand in hand kind of thing for top performers. Ever heard the story about a high-profile band that always included a quirky rider in their concert tour contracts? Buried deep in the middle of said contracts: a request for M&Ms in the backstage area – without any brown M&Ms. […]