Seeing Employee Surveys Through a Clear Lens

strategic employee planning

Imagine visiting the Grand Canyon on a blue-sky kind of day, taking in the sweeping vistas of mountainous formations millions of years in the making. Talk about a high-level view.  Sometimes your organization’s leadership can have a high-level view from their own tower offices. But things aren’t always as they seem – especially from a […]

What to do with Neutral Employee Survey Responses

The never-ending debate on employee surveys Social psychologist Rensis Likert was a visionary guru. His contributions to organizational psychology influenced businesses of the day. And his theories of participative management can be said to have shaped today’s concepts of employee engagement. But it’s the five-point scale developed for people to respond to questions that’s his greatest […]

Why Aren’t Your Employees Filling Out Your Employee Surveys?

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Engagement Survey Follow-up Actions Speak Louder Than Words

follow up actions

Organizations can say all kinds of things without uttering a single word. One of the most perilous is leadership’s big silent hush following an employee feedback survey. That quiet inaction can be a real killer. The whole purpose behind polling is to uncover information for future action planning. Earliest accounts of statistical gathering date back […]

Employee Surveys and the Stories They Tell

Think about a recent customer service experience you’ve had on the phone with an airline or cable company, in the food court, at a Starbucks’ counter or wherever.  In that brief interaction, you can tell instinctively, whether that person is an engaged employee. Easily. An engaged employee goes above and beyond to make sure your […]

The Value of Open-Ended Survey Questions

If you’ve ever spent time with a two or three or four-year-old you know how exhausting it can be. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to wear socks? Why does it rain? Why? How come? Why?! Those never-ending questions are a young mind’s foray into the wonder filled world of learning. Open-ended […]

Employee Engagement Best Practice Series Verbatim Comments – Walking the Tightrope

One of the most common questions we at TalentMap receive almost on a weekly basis is how to handle and distribute verbatim comments. On the one hand, comments submitted by individual employees provide essential insight into the issues and root causes underlying the different scale responses. They need to be read. However, unlike marketing or public opinion […]

Don’t Judge a Questionnaire by Its Cover

A Well-Designed Employee Survey Goes Well Beyond Layout Design It’s no wonder some folks spend years earning their PhD in the art and science of surveys. Complexities abound. Like just about anything, everything can be argued one way or another. Granted, there are very specific clearly defined, not-to-be-deviated-from truths when it comes to good survey […]

DIY or Outsourced Employee Engagement Surveys?

What does workplace breach of confidentiality mean? Well, what if you were to say something disparaging about Big Boss, to someone you “trust”, yet somehow Big Boss learns about those criticisms? For a good many employees, worry about confidentiality is an oppressive fear factor when an Employee Engagement survey arrives in their inbox. “Just how secure are my comments?” […]

Can I Customize The Questionnaire?

Yes, you can. Most of our clients start with our standard questionnaire TalentGage Classic and then decide if they need to customize it. For those that do customize, changes can be made to any text, the items (questions) and the sections to align with specific goals and to resonate better with staff. We can accommodate […]