Top Six Proven Strategies to Improve Engagement

improve engagement

There’s a mountain of material out there on how to engage employees in an organization. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what’s best, what fits your mandate, your budget, your culture and your specific workplace.  For example, some large businesses can afford to give their employees the moon and the stars when it […]

Top 4 Trends in Engagement

engaged employees at the office

When you think about it, employee engagement has a lot to do with what drives most people to do their best. We all have certain needs that keep us interested in anything that we’re doing for a long time. Employees need the same things and if organizations tend to those needs, there’s a good chance […]

Mastering the Art of Employee Recognition

employee recognition

A lack of employee recognition is a potential cause for increased “job-hopping,” especially amongst younger talent pools. It poses critical issues for employers, but an effective employee recognition program is a low-cost solution that helps increase engagement and makes employees feel their contribution to a company is important to overall success. Studies conducted by OfficeVibe […]

Asking the right questions for a meaningful and effective check-ins

employee check in

Successful one-on-one meetings with employees are like opening a locked vault filled with treasures You’ve noticed a tinge of tension in the air. Your team isn’t playing well together, not as well as usual. Levity is missing. Deadlines are being met, but just barely. One of your group left on paternity leave several weeks ago. […]

The Power of Appreciation and Recognition Programs


Remember the first ever gift you made at school or purchased on your very own for your mother or father or special someone? Do you recall their oohs and ahhs of appreciation and your sense of pride? The utter satisfaction?  Recognition makes us feel good. It placates our egos. It also gives others watching from […]

8 Ways to Prevent and Manage Employee Burnout

“My my, hey hey … it’s better to burnout than to fade away.” These widely quoted lyrics by the Godfather of Grunge, Neil Young, give pause for thought. Would we really rather burnout on the job than fade away into retirement and the alumni records of our employers? Probably not. Stress is a formidable foe […]