How Do We Measure Employee Engagement?

how do we measure employee engagement

Here is a list of our 13 core dimensions that measure employee engagement. We also measure Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health and/or Safety if required. Work environment measures how comfortable an employee is with their ability to perform in their role. It assesses an employee’s view on whether your organization provides them with the right […]

Why Measuring Employee Engagement is Critical

measuring employee engagement

Measuring employee engagement with an effective, proven measurement tool will provide your organization with a snapshot of the current landscape. It will identify areas of strength, weakness, and what the drivers of engagement are for your organization. In addition, when surveying with TalentMap, our clients receive Benchmark data of comparable organizations so that you get […]

The Top 11 Myths About Employee Surveys

survey myths

Think you know everything about Employee Surveys? Think again. 1.We already know what our employees will say You may feel strongly that you already have your finger on the pulse of your staff, so there is no point in surveying them. Well, we don’t mean to startle you, but your perception may not be r. […]

The Importance of Acting on Survey Data

survey data

Two schools of thought seem to be bandying about in the HR field these days. On the one hand, there are those who forecast a mass exodus of baby boomers from the workforce. The predicted result is a huge talent gap.  A fiercely competitive talent market. Employees can be had, they caution, but, at a […]

What is the TalentMap Engagement Questionnaire Based On?

engagement and satisfaction survey

In 2000, Sean Fitzpatrick (founder of TalentMap) and Dr. Tom Foard collaborated to develop the original TalentMap employee satisfaction survey. The TalentMap survey was based on a review of the best practices of other organizations and through active participation in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Our review included a detailed study of […]

What Employee Engagement Looks Like in the Financial Service Sector

employee engagement in finance

The financial service industry is a complex compendium of banking and securities, commercial real estate, investment management and insurance. In 2016, this mammoth sector represented 7.3 percent (or $1.4 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. What does employee engagement look like in a sophisticated industry employing more than 6.2 million Americans? In general terms, there’s huge competition […]

The Pitfalls of Using Shortcuts (like Net Promoter Score)

net promoter score and engagement

Customers and employees are like the chicken and egg thing. Which takes precedence or comes first in an organization’s priorities can be long debated without resolve. Customers pay the bills, right? But those products and services customers purchase are produced by employees. The bigger question is how to optimally measure, attain and retain customer satisfaction […]

Why is Employee Data So Important?

Employee data is a roadmap to places your organization has never travelled. Unfamiliar destinations that might, at first, or to some, seem a tad off the beaten path. Take surveying brand new recruits as part of the onboarding experience as a for instance. Where’s the value in that kind of data when newcomers have such […]

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Too Much Employee Data?

Have you noticed how things are moving so fast? Uber quickly. How we seem to be caught up in a profound shift? According to Bruce Croxon, a digital mogul who built one of the world’s first and foremost online dating empires, “we’ve generated more data in the last year than we have in the history […]