What is the Cost of Losing an Employee?

cost of losing an employee

It’s more than you think. When an employee’s business relationship isn’t working out, they become sick or they need to take an extended leave, businesses pay for it, in more ways than one. So it’s in a business’ best interest to do whatever they can to keep and support the best people in their organization. […]

What Type of Culture Should You Create?

workplace culture

If you want to create a new business culture, the first step is to understand what culture looks like and means to your organization. Second, learn how to measure and define your business’ current culture, and third, decide if you want your culture to change, and if so, how?  So what does a culture look […]

How Does Good Workplace Culture Affect Profitability?

culture affects profitability

For something vitally important, workplace culture appears to be surprisingly difficult to manage.  How is workplace culture defined? Workplace culture can determine whether an employee wants to stay or leave an organization. When you walk into an office, can you feel a vibe or is the atmosphere deflated?  When Google hires people, often the answer to why […]

Reasons Why Workplace Culture Can Make or Break Your Organization

workplace culture

Your organization has just hired a new employee. He has great credentials and loads of experience. But is he a good fit? What does that mean? Does he have the right character to inspire and be inspired by the work and organization’s brand? Furthermore, if he is good, will he remain? This is why workplace […]

What is Workplace Culture?

what is workplace culture?

Richard Branson is the well-known founder of the Virgin Group which is one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands with over 400 companies, including Virgin Airways and Virgin Galactic to Virgin Media. Branson has always expressed a different approach to business than his contemporaries. In Forbes magazine, he explains what he looks for in an employee. […]

Engage Your Employees Through Compensation, But Without Money. Wait. What?

Are your compensation policies contributing to employee engagement? Perhaps, but it is probably more likely that your compensation policies are actually acting as a drag on engagement, even if your compensation plan is competitive in the marketplace. To understand the role that compensation plays in employee engagement, we need to understand that there are many […]

Why Employees in Small Businesses Are More Engaged

When it comes to employee engagement in small businesses, they’re doing something right. TalentMap’s 2017 Employee Engagement Benchmarks study reports organizations with fewer than 250 employees have a collective engagement score of 86 percent. In short, that’s a sizable 13 percentage points higher than the overall score (73 percent) for organizations of all sizes. Mid-sized organizations with […]

How to Deal With Workplace Transformations

Organizational improvement initiatives are hard work. Accelerating at breakneck speeds these days, change is a constant that’s demanding faster and more frequent tactical shifts.  Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin who lured children to follow the spellbinding notes of his magical flute, HR professionals lead the charges. They make transformative magic happen by facilitating the […]