How to Align Corporate Culture With Your Business Goals

business goals

If you’re looking to develop a culture for your organization there are a lot of options out there. Truth is, there are almost as many cultures as there are organizations. So it can be tricky to nail one down. But as Adam Bryant,  In this video, and after consulting with hundreds of managers, former Deputy […]

How Does Good Workplace Culture Affect Profitability?

culture affects profitability

For something vitally important, workplace culture appears to be surprisingly difficult to manage.  How is workplace culture defined? Workplace culture can determine whether an employee wants to stay or leave an organization. When you walk into an office, can you feel a vibe or is the atmosphere deflated?  When Google hires people, often the answer to why […]

When Growth Gets in the Way of Employee Engagement

organizational growth

What comes to mind when you think about successful employee engagement? Magnetic organizations and productive workforces? We equate employee engagement with business growth. But what happens to employee engagement when business growth mushrooms?  Cindy Grant, VP of Human Resources for Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company frets exactly about that. Having worked her whole career in the heart of Canada’s financial […]