Employee Turnover Costs & Retention Tips

Employee turnover cost-estimates are as varied as wildflowers in a field. The average cost-per hire is $4,129 says the Society of Human Resource Management based on a human capital benchmark survey of 2,048 respondents reflecting fiscal year 2015. Total direct and indirect costs of replacing a supermarket cashier earning $6.50 per hour is at least $3,637 according […]

Employee Engagement: Engaging Your ‘Older’ Workers

Pop Quiz:  Which is the fastest growing segment of the working population in the USA (and probably Canada as well)?  If you’re about to answer: Millennials, you would be…. wrong! Despite the fact that the millennial generation is getting the most press, publicity, and attention these days (including from yours truly – mea culpa), the […]

Why Employees in Small Businesses Are More Engaged

When it comes to employee engagement in small businesses, they’re doing something right. TalentMap’s 2017 Employee Engagement Benchmarks study reports organizations with fewer than 250 employees have a collective engagement score of 86 percent. In short, that’s a sizable 13 percentage points higher than the overall score (73 percent) for organizations of all sizes. Mid-sized organizations with […]

Employee Engagement Drives Customer Satisfaction

Engaged employees provide services with pride which can improve customer satisfaction. This is especially important for customer-facing service industries like financial, government, and healthcare sectors. Study after study has shown employee engagement is a predictor of how employees deliver services and how their behavior, in turn, affects customer satisfaction. ISS, a provider of facility services around the world, amassed more than […]

8 Reasons Why a 3rd Party is Best for Presenting Survey Results to the Exec Team

Employee engagement surveys invariably surface negative or sensitive leadership issues. It’s an industry norm. A predictable key driver. And a top opportunity for improvement with relation to engaging people in their workplace environments. But when executive team members are gathered together hearing unwelcome news about themselves, a certain expression comes to mind: don’t shoot the messenger. For […]

Decline of the Employee Engagement Empire

Estimates peg the amount of money spent conducting surveys, doing action plans and marshalling resources around the concept of employee engagement in the $720 million USD range in North America. Yet the number of disengaged employees is on the rise. Forbes recently showcased a study by Aon Hewitt that revealed employee engagement dipped for the first […]

8 Ways to Prevent and Manage Employee Burnout

“My my, hey hey … it’s better to burnout than to fade away.” These widely quoted lyrics by the Godfather of Grunge, Neil Young, give pause for thought. Would we really rather burnout on the job than fade away into retirement and the alumni records of our employers? Probably not. Stress is a formidable foe […]

7 Key Factors When Choosing a Survey Provider

The views of your staff are critical. Their ideas and attitudes about the organization have a serious effect on financial performance and growth, so you need to do the research right to get a true picture. A seasoned research partner can help you choose which survey option meets your organization’s needs. Consider the following criteria […]

Why Your Christmas Party Won’t Improve Engagement

sad woman at work during the holidays

Depending on the organization’s culture, sometimes workplace Christmas parties can be a great time where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable.  But even if that happens, it’s a mistake to rely on one Christmas party a year to ensure ongoing engagement in your organization. It’s just not enough. Employees need to feel consistently valued, appreciated and […]