Reasons Why Workplace Culture Can Make or Break Your Organization

workplace culture

Your organization has just hired a new employee. He has great credentials and loads of experience. But is he a good fit? What does that mean? Does he have the right character to inspire and be inspired by the work and organization’s brand? Furthermore, if he is good, will he remain? This is why workplace […]

The Top 11 Myths About Employee Surveys

survey myths

Think you know everything about Employee Surveys? Think again. 1.We already know what our employees will say You may feel strongly that you already have your finger on the pulse of your staff, so there is no point in surveying them. Well, we don’t mean to startle you, but your perception may not be r. […]

What is the TalentMap Engagement Questionnaire Based On?

engagement and satisfaction survey

In 2000, Sean Fitzpatrick (founder of TalentMap) and Dr. Tom Foard collaborated to develop the original TalentMap employee satisfaction survey. The TalentMap survey was based on a review of the best practices of other organizations and through active participation in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Our review included a detailed study of […]

No Budget Is No Excuse

no budget no excuse survey value

Many U.S. local governments lament budget constraints when it comes to employee engagement. If you see your budget as a barrier to employee engagement, you’re not alone. In fact, Employee Benefits polled employers on the subject, and 47% said the cost of engagement was an obstacle. The poll also found 44% of respondents named time and […]

Modern Employee Wellness Programs for Irresistible Employee Experiences

employee wellness

It’s that resolution time of year again. Weight loss programs, sporting goods retailers, fitness centers, and so on are all clambering for their share of the pie. Each promising a new and better you. Health and wellness is big business. It’s also a hefty business tool for organizations wanting to give employee engagement a lift. A 2017 survey of […]

Volunteer Engagement Strategies

Volunteerism: Matchmaking Nirvana? If you’ve ever volunteered, you’ve likely had an enriching experience or one that’s left you shaking your head wondering why you got involved in the first place. Although volunteer engagement strategies might be something those of us outside of the health care and not-for-profit sectors easily dismiss, thinking they don’t really apply […]

Not All Benchmarks Are Created Equal

Why “Go Big Or Go Home” May Not Be In Your Best Interest When an organization looks at shifting employee engagement survey projects from a large survey vendor to a highly specialized albeit smaller survey partner, there’s always pause for concern. Particularly when it comes to comparing employee engagement benchmarks. If one database comprises 500 or more […]

Workplace Diversity: Employee Engagement’s Close Cousins Diversity, Inclusion and Respect

R…E…S…P…E…C…T… Find out what it means to me When it comes to workplace diversity and its impact on employee engagement Aretha Franklin’s signature line couldn’t be more apt. When people feel respected, they become more engaged, right? Diversity – together with its cousin’s Inclusion and Respect (DIR) – is not a peripheral issue separate from […]

The #1 Reason To Change Your Employee Survey Vendor

It could be that your organization isn’t actively looking for an employee engagement partner. You’ve got a vendor you’ve worked with for a while now; you know their platform, their work style, their deliverables. Although it would be nice to figure out how to return to those early days of priority service, change hasn’t really crossed […]

One In Five Doctors Intend To Leave Medicine Altogether. Let’s Talk About Why.

Healthcare is facing enormous hurdles. Dr. Goldman, host of CBC’s radio series White Coat, Black Art, recently looked at doctor burnout. According to the Canadian Medical Association, more than half of Canada’s doctors may be suffering from burnout. And in the U.S., it’s even higher with nearly two-thirds of doctors feeling depressed, burned out, or both. Meanwhile, a 2017 […]