Guest Blog: 7 Tips for Recruiting the Right Person for the Job

Recruiting the right employee to fit the job opening in your business can be a tricky feat, but it’s well worth the effort if you find the perfect candidate. Hiring the right talent can mean the difference between an engaging, helpful, and knowledgeable staff, and a staff that barely seems capable of working as a cohesive unit. […]

Get Prepared For The Generation Z Workforce: Facts, Predictions, and Implications

It’s early days for Generation Z (also known as iGen or Post-Millennials) in the workplace. Researchers and writers paint their own pictures of this post-millennial population with different characteristics. Some say they’re confident, entrepreneurial. Others say not so much. So What Do We Know About The Generation Z Workforce And How Can HR Professionals Prepare? […]

Embracing AI Within the Recruiting Process to Hire Top Talent

Many don’t realize this, but humans and artificial intelligence (AI) are about to work together at every stage in the recruiting funnel. In a recent report, Jobvite found that when the skills of both are combined, they collectively introduce an opportunity for more efficient, meticulously screened and results-driven recruiting process. Here are just a few ways […]