What Is Employee Engagement?

what is employee engagement?

Employee Engagement describes the way employees demonstrate commitment, ownership, and discretionary effort toward their work, team, and organization. How people feel about their jobs, working conditions, management, compensation, and a host of other factors determines how well an organization performs. Engaged employees are loyal and committed to the organization. They are far more likely to […]

A Point or Two About Engagement and the Time it Takes to See Progress


When an organization is on a mission to improve employee engagement, questions abound. Invariably someone will ask, “how much can we expect engagement to improve year over year?” It’s a stock question without a pat answer. Engagement measurement isn’t an exact science. There are lots of variables to consider. How long has employee engagement been a […]

How Corporate Social Responsibility Influences Recruitment, Retention and Engagement

Home is where the heart is. For a growing number of people, especially Millennials, this proverb holds true on the job. Work is where the heart is if we’re truly engaged with our jobs and employers. One of the touchpoints for the hypermobile Millennial generation is a desire to work in an environment where similar values are […]

Why Employees in Small Businesses Are More Engaged

When it comes to employee engagement in small businesses, they’re doing something right. TalentMap’s 2017 Employee Engagement Benchmarks study reports organizations with fewer than 250 employees have a collective engagement score of 86 percent. In short, that’s a sizable 13 percentage points higher than the overall score (73 percent) for organizations of all sizes. Mid-sized organizations with […]

Employee Engagement In Not-For-Profits: Doing It For The Cause

Having recently completed a number of engagement surveys and workshops in North America’s cause-driven non-profit sector (i.e. mostly charitable organizations), I’ve been struck by the enormity of the challenges many of these organizations face. Yet I also continue to be highly impressed by the high-level of resilience of their employees in the face of these […]

Employee Engagement Best Practices

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The first step to improving employee engagement is to ask your employees how they feel and what they think can be done to improve the workplace. The next step is taking action on those results. These actions will be different for each organization, depending on the size, resources, and culture of the organization. There is […]