Does Employee Engagement Improve Business Performance?

business performance

This is a no brainer. All you have to do is remember a time when you received excellent service from someone on the job. If that person gave you service that was respectful and fast, they knew the product or service inside out, and they seemed genuinely glad to serve you… they either just won […]

What Is Employee Engagement?

what is employee engagement?

Employee Engagement describes the way employees demonstrate commitment, ownership, and discretionary effort toward their work, team, and organization. How people feel about their jobs, working conditions, management, compensation, and a host of other factors determines how well an organization performs. Engaged employees are loyal and committed to the organization. They are far more likely to […]

Why You Should Run an Employee Engagement Survey

why run an employee engagement survey?

We believe every organization with more than a handful of employees should run an employee engagement survey annually or biennially (depending on your circumstances). Employee surveys ‘done right’ are the most efficient and effective tool to open up two-way conversations between management and staff. The top four reasons why our clients use employee engagement surveys: […]

Plan for Engagement Survey Action Planning Difficulties

Surveying your employees is one thing. Acting on results is another. The difficulty of employee engagement survey action planning might come as a surprise. It takes a champion or three to make it happen. A good many champions of employee engagement have wrestled with some of the best oppositional managers. These naysayers are everywhere. Getting management […]

The Value of Open-Ended Survey Questions

If you’ve ever spent time with a two or three or four-year-old you know how exhausting it can be. Why is the sky blue? Why do I have to wear socks? Why does it rain? Why? How come? Why?! Those never-ending questions are a young mind’s foray into the wonder filled world of learning. Open-ended […]

Don’t Judge a Questionnaire by Its Cover

A Well-Designed Employee Survey Goes Well Beyond Layout Design It’s no wonder some folks spend years earning their PhD in the art and science of surveys. Complexities abound. Like just about anything, everything can be argued one way or another. Granted, there are very specific clearly defined, not-to-be-deviated-from truths when it comes to good survey […]

DIY or Outsourced Employee Engagement Surveys?

What does workplace breach of confidentiality mean? Well, what if you were to say something disparaging about Big Boss, to someone you “trust”, yet somehow Big Boss learns about those criticisms? For a good many employees, worry about confidentiality is an oppressive fear factor when an Employee Engagement survey arrives in their inbox. “Just how secure are my comments?” […]