What A Great Workplace Culture Looks Like for Remote Teams

remote teams

As the COVID-19 crisis sweeps the globe, businesses are rapidly adjusting to current conditions and putting remote work into practice. Many have embraced this model for years, claiming great success. Some organizations that have mastered a great remote workplace culture boast that it increases both productivity and profits. But it seems that the key to […]

How to Tailor a Culture Message Across Different Generations


Many of today’s organizations are comprised of employees from not just one or two generations, but three or four. Plus, thanks to diversity and inclusion many employees can come from different cultural backgrounds. Today’s organizations may include people of different ages, races, genders, and religions. These employees might communicate differently and have different life experiences […]

How Do Corporate Mergers Impact Work Culture?

corporate mergers

The quick answer: It depends on the styles of the corporate cultures involved. If the two companies have cultural styles that are a lot alike, it’ll be easier for everyone in the organization to adjust. But, if two companies have very different work cultures and the merger is not planned carefully to soften the blow, […]

Top 6 Ways to Create a Welcoming Culture

welcoming culture

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “welcoming” with terms such as comforting, inviting, desirable, hospitable, kindly and personable.  If you’ve ever walked into a party where you don’t know anyone and after about an hour, you realized you didn’t want to leave, you either met an old friend that you really like or there’s a good chance the host […]

Do You Have the Right Culture Mix?

cultural mix

If you’re looking to change your culture but you’re not sure what your current culture is, take a look at our blog called,  Do you know what your workplace culture is? You’ll learn that there are almost as many options as there are companies out there. Plus, with the help of the Harvard Business Review, we identify some key […]

Overcoming Employee Resistance to Cultural Change

resistance to cultural change

We all live with habits and patterns of behavior, even if we’re not aware of it. From the moment we wake up – almost without thinking – we follow the same routines in the same sequence. 1. Start the coffee maker 2. Shower 3. Get dressed 4. Drink coffee, etc. We enjoy routines and habits […]

Use Corporate Culture to Boost Employee Loyalty

employee loyalty

What is loyalty? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as faithful to a person to whom allegiance or affection is due and faithful to a cause or ideal. Unshakeable loyalty is a rare trait. So, when we see examples of it in our daily lives, we usually don’t forget it, ever!    What does loyalty look like? […]

How Can Leaders Champion a Revamped Workplace Culture?


Imagine ten people living on a small ship. To make sure that the ship runs well and everyone gets along and knows what they’re supposed to do, the captain of the ship has got to share what’s expected and how things are done based on the ships’ values and goals. The captain also has to […]

Top Eight Steps to Change Your Culture

cultural change

It’s easier to create a culture before the launch of a new organization.  But most experts agree that changing a culture that’s already in place can be a lot tougher. The reason? There’s a good chance you’ll run into resistance and at first, it might cost you in time and money. But, if your culture […]

How to Align Corporate Culture With Your Business Goals

business goals

If you’re looking to develop a culture for your organization there are a lot of options out there. Truth is, there are almost as many cultures as there are organizations. So it can be tricky to nail one down. But as Adam Bryant,  In this video, and after consulting with hundreds of managers, former Deputy […]