Managing Generational Gaps in the Workplace

various age groups

Do Age Differences Really Matter? Check out some of the online genealogy sites that help trace family lineage and history. The generally accepted time between generations averages 20 to 25 years (from the birth of a parent to the birth of a child). With good health extending our life expectancies in North America it’s not inconceivable our […]

Get Prepared For The Generation Z Workforce: Facts, Predictions, and Implications

It’s early days for Generation Z (also known as iGen or Post-Millennials) in the workplace. Researchers and writers paint their own pictures of this post-millennial population with different characteristics. Some say they’re confident, entrepreneurial. Others say not so much. So What Do We Know About The Generation Z Workforce And How Can HR Professionals Prepare? […]

Employee Engagement: Engaging Your ‘Older’ Workers

Pop Quiz:  Which is the fastest growing segment of the working population in the USA (and probably Canada as well)?  If you’re about to answer: Millennials, you would be…. wrong! Despite the fact that the millennial generation is getting the most press, publicity, and attention these days (including from yours truly – mea culpa), the […]