A Guide to Conducting 360 Feedback Surveys

writing 360 on the board

Imagine a circle with an employee or manager in the centre and employees who work with that manager or employee, placed around the circle. That’s a snapshot of how 360 feedback surveys work. Those around the circle namely peers, reporting staff, coworkers and supervisors who regularly work with the manager or employee, are asked to […]

Top 9 Performance Review Questions

performance review

Performance reviews can feel like talking to a school teacher about your report card. Most of us aren’t big on it. We might even feel a bit anxious or uncomfortable about doing it. But once it’s done, it can give the employee and the employer great insights and make everyone’s direction a lot more clear. […]

Performance Feedback Improves Employee Engagement

Performance feedback improves employee engagement when done right. Historically an organization’s handling of performance feedback has never been a top of mind consideration in the context of employee engagement. Key drivers of engagement have tended to revolve around career and professional growth, around a culture of innovation and organizational vision. Even when it’s been an irritant, it’s been relegated to […]

Exit Interview Questions

Adios. Farewell. The Goodwill and Good Management of Exit Interviews What makes employees leave one job for another? Better compensation is an enticing carrot to be sure. Career advancement. Yup. No doubt. Getting away from a toxic work environment? An untenable boss who micromanages? More and better growth opportunities? A better corporate culture with a […]