How to Get More Value Out Of Your Survey

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There are some Internet voices out there that claim that employee surveys are on the way out. But a Harvard Business Review article called Employee Surveys Are Still One of the Best Ways to Measure Engagement, by Scott Judd, Eric O’Rourke, and Adam Grant says, “it would be a big mistake to abandon them today.” Many […]

The Real Reasons Your Employees Don’t Answer Surveys

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You’ve probably noticed that for years now, a lot of organizations have been asking people to “take a few minutes to fill out a survey.” People are getting hit with it in bookstores, at the end of telecom calls, when they chat with technical support teams online, after they get a haircut —  the list […]

Top 5 Mistakes To Avoid In Your Next Engagement Survey

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For many years now, organizations have used surveys to measure their employees’ engagement. But as described in this Deloitte article entitled, “Becoming Irresistible. A New Model for Employee Engagement,” written by Josh Bersin, if they aren’t utilized properly, they won’t be as effective. Common survey mistakes  The following are common mistakes many organizations make when […]

Why Measuring Employee Engagement is Critical

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Measuring employee engagement with an effective, proven measurement tool will provide your organization with a snapshot of the current landscape. It will identify areas of strength, weakness, and what the drivers of engagement are for your organization. In addition, when surveying with TalentMap, our clients receive Benchmark data of comparable organizations so that you get […]

The Top 11 Myths About Employee Surveys

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Think you know everything about Employee Surveys? Think again. 1.We already know what our employees will say You may feel strongly that you already have your finger on the pulse of your staff, so there is no point in surveying them. Well, we don’t mean to startle you, but your perception may not be r. […]

What is the TalentMap Engagement Questionnaire Based On?

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In 2000, Sean Fitzpatrick (founder of TalentMap) and Dr. Tom Foard collaborated to develop the original TalentMap employee satisfaction survey. The TalentMap survey was based on a review of the best practices of other organizations and through active participation in the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP). Our review included a detailed study of […]

Why You Should Run an Employee Engagement Survey

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We believe every organization with more than a handful of employees should run an employee engagement survey annually or biennially (depending on your circumstances). Employee surveys ‘done right’ are the most efficient and effective tool to open up two-way conversations between management and staff. The top four reasons why our clients use employee engagement surveys: […]

The Pitfalls of Using Shortcuts (like Net Promoter Score)

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Customers and employees are like the chicken and egg thing. Which takes precedence or comes first in an organization’s priorities can be long debated without resolve. Customers pay the bills, right? But those products and services customers purchase are produced by employees. The bigger question is how to optimally measure, attain and retain customer satisfaction […]

Seeing Employee Surveys Through a Clear Lens

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Imagine visiting the Grand Canyon on a blue-sky kind of day, taking in the sweeping vistas of mountainous formations millions of years in the making. Talk about a high-level view.  Sometimes your organization’s leadership can have a high-level view from their own tower offices. But things aren’t always as they seem – especially from a […]

What to do with Neutral Employee Survey Responses

The never-ending debate on employee surveys Social psychologist Rensis Likert was a visionary guru. His contributions to organizational psychology influenced businesses of the day. And his theories of participative management can be said to have shaped today’s concepts of employee engagement. But it’s the five-point scale developed for people to respond to questions that’s his greatest […]