Our 7-Step Process

Prepare for Action

There is a two-tier step. First, confirm that the leadership team acknowledges the significance of the initiative. If there is any ambiguity, we will coach you through this process.

Second, to determine the relevance of the strategic objectives.

This will include:

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  • A detailed project work plan:
    • Arranging timelines, project scope, team roles and responsibilities, and identify any obstacles.
    • A survey communications strategy, an issues management process, and a comprehensive risk management plan
  • We will meet with your survey team (HR personnel and senior executive team) to discuss all aspects of the procedure:
    • Recommendations for survey design, deployment, survey communications, approval process, reporting, benchmarking, and follow-up action planning initiatives
    • Review training and support processes. We discuss the best procedure for managing issues for the duration of the project

Develop Your Questionnaire

A good starting point is to get an accurate reading of the engagement levels within your organization. And the best way to do this is to ask your employees.

Choose the right employee engagement survey for your needs. The information gathered should be both relevant and valuable. This enables you to be proactive rather than reactive to any problem.

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Standard Questionnaire (minor changes only)

This survey includes key engagement and culture questions as the starting point.

It consists of 68 questions with answers based on a 5-point Likert scale.

The questionnaire is very comprehensive and takes about 20 minutes to complete


  • There is ample opportunity for employees to provide open-ended comments.
  • Receive a dedicated Project Manager to organize your project
  • Pre-survey communication support, including email templates and checklists
  • One license to access TalentMap’s online reporting tool for 12 months
  • Access to full benchmark data for industry comparisons (by size of organization, industry, job type, department, geography and more)
  • Post-survey executive report that covers results and further insights
  • Verbatim comment and heatmap reports (an immediate visual summary of information)
  • 60-minute online preview of the executive report 15 business days after the survey closed date
  • 90-minute onsite presentation to the executive team to highlight key findings and recommendations.


Custom Questionnaire (up to 20 changes)

Every organization has a different workforce structure, so it is necessary to customize your survey. This product allows clients to add, edit or delete up to 20 questions.

Up to 3 hours of survey design time and consultation to help guide through it.


  • Executive Buy-in Consulting
  • Reporting options available to segment by department, function, or region

Pre-Survey Communication

To ensure staff participation, we can refine your survey communication templates. We can offer you the following aids:

  • Email (Template and Message): customized email templates ready to distribute
  • FAQs: on the survey process and confidentiality for managers, supervisors and employees
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  • Posters: large colorful graphic workplace posters to promote your survey
  • Meeting Agendas: to brief executives, managers and employees on the survey
  • Reminder Email Messages: to increase response rates
  • Thank You Emails/Messages: to your staff to thank them for their time (that helps maintain response rates in future surveys).

Survey Deployment

Employees can respond to the survey by computer, smartphone, tablet or by paper. We can deploy surveys via a unique respondent PIN or set up kiosks.

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Project Management Our Senior Project Manager will manage your entire survey process. We can provide suggestions and recommendations for improving participating rates. If need be, we can extend your survey deadline.

Confidentiality/Security Respondents will receive a survey invitation through email. An embed unique URL will direct them to your questionnaire hosted on our secure servers. We will also send up to three reminder emails to all non-respondents. To staff who do not have a corporate email, there will be a link on your internal website. All your data is secure and confidential.

Duplicate Responses Our system prevents any duplicate responses. We do not accept, or review any responses from outside kiosks or from public computers

Executive Report & Analysis

Our goal is to furnish you with accurate data analysis and reporting. Our reporting protocol is as follows:

Key Drivers Analysis: This analysis determines the levels of impact on employee engagement.
Final Report: The Final Report summarizes your key drivers of engagement and recommendations.

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Data Cleaning: This occurs before any analysis. Data Cleaning is to review collected data for duplicate, incomplete or invalid surveys.

Overall Frequency Review: This review will detect any anomalies on your scores.

Employee Engagement Index: Your Index score reflects your core engagement questions.

Rank Order Drivers: We will rank your high and low scores in order of importance.

Comments Analysis: Next we review your verbatim comments. We will compare comments based on benchmark results with your results. Also, compare the tones of the comments.

Communicate Results

Management Review: This is a two step process:

Online Preview with Survey Team (60 minutes)
Up to 12 days after the close of your survey, we will preview the results with your survey team. This is preludes the Executive Leadership presentation. We then hear your feedback on our initial recommendations.

Online/Onsite with Executive Team (90 minutes)
TalentMap will present to your Executive Team a summary 2-3 days after the online preview. In the presentation, we will recommend courses for action.

Then your Executive Team can discuss the results, ask questions and gain an understanding. At this stage, you can plan the next steps for communicating results to your staff.

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Employee Communication: After the survey, we recommend that you release the results to employees within 30-60 days. This is to reassure your employees of their involvement and importance.

Clients often ask us to help them disclose their results to their managers and employees. We use our standard templates and process for the following:

  • Employee Presentations: we prepare and present the results to your employees.
  • Webcasts: we develop and send, or post, a web-based presentation of your results. This is a great tool for geographically-dispersed staff.
  • Management Training: We coach and train managers to help them understand and present the survey results to their team.

Management Training & Action Planning

Action planning is the most important step in the survey process. Now that you’ve gathered the survey feedback, it’s time to take action.

What you want to avoid is to tell your staff that changes for the better will occur but never follow-up. It gives the impression that employees aren’t respected or important.

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An Executive Action Plan assures the relevance of your staff. Based on

S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) system, it helps managers interpret survey results. This determines the next important steps forward. We instruct two popular workshops to address result-related issues, and to train your managers to be part of the solution.

Focus Groups and Executive Report with Recommendations

We define the objectives, format, sampling, participation, invitations, and topics for focus groups.

We analyze your results and prepare a detailed executive report with specific recommendations.

  • Discover the root causes and underlying issues
  • Clarify your results
  • Gain greater insights to drive your action planning process

Manager Training (How to read and interpret results and develop action plans)

This training helps managers develop a concise plan of action.

The training helps managers develop a concise plan of action for their employees. It also coaches managers the best way to communicate it.

This half-day, hands-on workshop, can accommodate up to 25 managers.

We will cover the following:

  • Introduction to engagement and underlying management concepts
  • Overview of corporate results and team/group specific results
  • Introduction to tips, tools, and techniques to prepare, develop, and deliver local level action plans
  • Group work to flush out challenges and opportunities
  • Development of manager specific communications and action plans.


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