Survey Saturation: When Is Too Much Of A Good Thing Too Much?

Pulse surveys, engagement surveys, 360 surveys, attitude surveys, organizational assessment surveys, safety surveys, entry and exit surveys – the possibilities are endless. And online survey tools make it easy. At a recent HR chapter meeting, a question was raised about survey saturation. When does asking for employee input become one survey too many? It really depends on […]

Leave it to Self: Unleash Engagement through Empowerment

When you do an internet search and look up employee engagement tips or employee engagement ideas what you’ll find is the majority, in fact almost all the topics are what executives can do or what managers can do. Very few ideas or suggestions look at what employees can do to drive engagement. At a talk […]


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How Many Managers Does It Take to Change a Light Bulb?

…Writer Rey Elbo posited this question, tongue in cheek, in a Manila Times editorial exploring “the idiocy of excessive management command-and-control that defeats employee empowerment.”  Changing light bulbs aside, the real question is: how many hurdles does it take to find the right kind of manager? Finding the right type of management talent is as […]

Employee Engagement Best Practices

survey myths

The first step to improving employee engagement is to ask your employees how they feel and what they think can be done to improve the workplace. The next step is taking action on those results. These actions will be different for each organization, depending on the size, resources, and culture of the organization. There is […]